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dec 20

Five Key Steps Agencies Should Take Following An Initial Prospect Meeting

What I find in my world of helping marketing services firms, acting as their outsourced lead generation/business development firm, is that there is usually a lot of enthusiasm, energy, and excitement leading up to and coming directly out of a prospect meeting we set up for them. Then it’s a bit like how a car […]

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dec 16

What will agency AOR relationships look like in 2010 and how does it affect new business strategy?

Copeland Communications in Victoria, BC write a blog called ‘We Make it All Better,” and their latest post by Doug Brown is titled Are AOR Days Numbered. It reflects much of what we’re hearing from clients and prospects as of late. Per Doug’s post: Over the past few years, the trend away from AOR relationships […]

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dec 10

Ad Agency New Business Truths You May Be Avoiding

It’s amazing how many agencies we talk to that still don’t have a new business process in place. If you’re one of those, or even if you already have a process in place, don’t avoid the truth about new business. I’ll explain. Social media continues to get the lion’s share of press and attention, but […]

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dec 07

RSW/US Named to the Cincinnati Fast 55

We’re taking a break in our normal blogging activities for a bit of (brief) self promotion. We’re very proud that RSW/US has been nominated for the second year in a row as one of the 55 fastest-growing companies in the Cincinnati area. The 55 companies will be honored at a Dec. 10 luncheon, where winners […]

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dec 03

9 Ad Agency New Business Tips to Get Prospects to Call You Back

So much is made of social media these days when it comes to ad agency new business, and rightfully so, as it can be a powerful tool. But it’s critically important to remember the personal call (notice I didn’t say cold call, as we’ve talked about before on this blog). It’s still one of the […]

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dec 02

What’s the ROI of Social Media? Well . . .what’s the ROI of your telephone?*

As we head to the end of the decade, it’s as crazy as it gets in the office (and in our lives for that matter) and I’m not just talking about the people here at RSW/US, but every agency we’ve spoken with over the past few weeks. That’s good news, we like to hear about […]

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nov 19

Agencies & Social Media-Eye of the Beholder? (Continuing thoughts on the RSW/US-Second Wind: Agency New Business Survey)

Comments on the Adweek piece focusing on our survey have been passionate and lengthy, and one deserves further attention. Jason Miletsky is the CEO of communications agency PFS Marketwyse. He left a comment as to whether or not agencies that don’t practice social media for themselves can still claim to be social media experts and […]

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nov 19

Lest We Not Forget About the Ad Agency New Business Director: Still the Tenure of a CMO

In our recent survey on agency new business, there has been a lot of attention given to the fact that agencies aren’t walking the talk when it comes to social media. The big story as you may have seen, is agencies are selling social media to their clients, but they aren’t doing a very good […]

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nov 18

RSW/US/Second Wind: Agency New Business Survey-Initial Responses

We’re continuing to look at the results of our most recent new business survey we co-sponsored with Second Wind and wanted to take a look at some of the responses so far, specifically those referring to agency social media use. We’ll start with a mention from @robleavitt via Twitter: “@RSWUS – nice work on the […]

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nov 12

A Cringe-Inducing Ad Agency New Business Tale: They Didn’t Qualify

Some of the best ideas for posts come from the agencies we talk to every day. Case in point, this week I was discussing a few facets of ad agency new business: agency specialization, prospect qualification and agencies being able to “walk the walk.” As the story goes, this agency had several strong in-house disciplines […]

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