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sep 30

Social Media – Die Hard or Hype?

I recently saw a preview for the new Bruce Willis movie “Surrogate,” where people have robot clones that go out into the real world and live so that the humans can stay in the safety of their own homes and live vicariously through their robots. At first, I thought this was a ridiculous concept, until […]

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sep 29

SideWiki Breaking the Net in Half!

(August, 2010 update: No)   We’re not the first to blog about SideWiki and won’t be the last, but it’s already causing quite a furor. I can’t even begin to post all the links regarding it, so I won’t, but a few points of note. First, for the uninitiated, SideWiki lets you read and post […]

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sep 24

Do PR Firms have the leg up in terms of their ability to manage the measurement of social media?

I wanted to round out our current focus on PR firms this week, flowing from our recent survey, Agencies’ and Clients’ perspective on the Social/Digital Landscape. We’ve gotten some great feedback, on Twitter especially, as well as from the blogging community. Specifically, we were introduced to The Marketing Tech blog and a post by one […]

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sep 23

R.I.P. Press Releases

In our digital society, where people expect access to what they want, when they want it and how they want it, information satisfaction is just a click away. The whole landscape has changed as media consumers are now producers – just ask Janis Krums – who was the first to post pictures of the amazing […]

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sep 21

PR Outlook May Not Be As Rosy As You Think…But The Opportunity to “Win” The Social/Digital Game Is Strong

In a recent RSW/US survey on the Social/Digital landscape, there appears to be a clear and present opportunity for PR firms to take ownership of the social/digital space. (Download full survey results here.)The survey also suggests that PR firms might have a somewhat inflated view of the long-term health of the PR industry. 73% of […]

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sep 17

I Am the Illegitimate Son of Elvis

I hope your interest is peaked by that headline, because your blog’s headlines are pretty important (The above headline is not true by the way, I know-shocking.) Best and closest example is our own Mark Sneider’s blog post on the 4A’s Business Development Blog a few weeks back, The Dangers of Agency New Business Social […]

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sep 16

Email, you used to be . . .sexier

How about a quick and dirty agency new business post on making what could be cold calls warmer? With all the talk of social media platforms, as effective as they can be, personal calls and emails, to name just two, are still vital and effective.   Email doesn’t get much pub these days; it’s just […]

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sep 15

It’s CreateAthon® Week!

This week is CreateAthon® week and we’re trying to help spread the word. If you’re not familiar, this is a worthy cause and a great idea:   CreateAthon is a 24-hour, work-around the clock creative blitz during which local advertising agencies generate advertising services for local nonprofits that have little or no marketing budget. Since […]

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sep 14

Ad Agencies: When It Comes to New Business, Now is Not the Time to Pull a Kanye

In terms of new business: agencies, you’ve got to get respectfully aggressive right about now. Your clients are slowly starting to spend, those prospects you’ve been consistently reaching out to (you’ve been doing that, right?) are at least thinking about their spend and you’ve got to be at the forefront in terms of expertise and […]

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sep 10

Ad Agencies: Blog For Love! (or for new business, that’s probably better)

The blog tends to get overshadowed these days, doesn’t it? With all the other social platforms out there, we’ve heard more than once about the death of the blog. But from an agency new business standpoint, that couldn’t be further from the truth.Sure, some agencies, like BooneOakley have turned a YouTube video into their homepage, […]

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