You got the meeting, now what: 4 critical ad agency new business next steps

Now what

Guest post by RSW/US New Business Director Jane Browe It’s pretty well established that we at RSW/US operate as a lead generation/business development firm. We work with the objective to set qualified meetings with prospects our clients want to work with. But what happens when those qualified meetings are set, and we are at the point…
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Ad Agency New Business: Patience Darling

Ad Agency New Business: Patience Darling

Consistency is the mother of all virtues when it comes to ad agency new business prospecting. Consistency of messaging, consistency of methodology, and consistency of outreach.   This is not only important leading up to the meeting, but it is also critically important after the meeting – as you work your way to close. I…
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An ad agency, gasp, lets Facebook go dark!

Going Dark

Tired of hearing how important social media is to your agency new business efforts yet? Well, it is, don’t get me wrong, but it seems to come from all sides doesn’t it? (Yes, even from us.) I came across something interesting this morning however, and I wanted to share it. Park&Co is a branding and…
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Thanks to eMarketer


eMarketer featured our most recent survey in their February 22 article, Will Pure-Play Agencies Survive?: The shift in marketing dollars from traditional to digital media may be well under way, but companies are happy with their full-service ad agencies and generally unlikely to adopt a digital-only shop for their online campaigns, according to research from…
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Why Facebook is giving your ad agency the runaround


I was reading an article by Maggie McGary recently on the social media today site called Why Businesses Should Think Twice Before Investing Money or Time in a Facebook Page and I it most certainly struck a chord. I’ve shortened Maggie’s initial paragraph a bit but will let her kick off this post. Not to…
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Thanks to Second Wind!

Second Wind

A big thank you to our strategic partner, Second Wind, for spotlighting our recent survey. Per their site’s home page: Second Wind Marketplace partner, RSW/US, published their annual A Client’s Perspective on Agencies survey earlier this week. A key finding: agencies that claim digital expertise were ranked at between 1 and 5 on a scale…
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Digital Prowess of Traditional Firms Unimpressive


In Monday’s Adweek Andy McMains cites results from our latest study that key marketing decision makers aren’t terribly impressed with the digital/social skills of traditional agencies. Based on previous studies we’ve conducted and based on insights gleaned from talking directly with marketers on the Agency Search side of our business, I believe the problem is…
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Adweek piece on latest RSW/US Survey


Thanks to Adweek for their article on our latest survey, “A Client’s Perspective on Agencies,” 277 marketing decision makers surveyed on how they think agencies are performing and how to best win their hearts.   We’ll be posting over the coming week with our thoughts on the survey results. An interesting quote from our owner,…
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Ad Agency New Business-Tom Petty Was Right


Tom Petty was right, wasn’t he? The waiting is the hardest part, especially when it comes to ad agency new business. I was reminded of this, yet again, when speaking with an agency principal this week and it also tied into a piece I read the other day. This principal mentioned they were in the…
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Social Media and Retail-Crosstown Traffic


Jordan Mccollum at Marketing Pilgrim has a piece on the Hitwise December numbers and I thought they were interesting, as well as potentially helpful to agencies with a retail focus. Per the graph below, downstream traffic from social networks to retail sites is up 37%. As Jordan asks: So is it more because users are…
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