Should your agency have a blog? Part I


We’ve mentioned before, of all the new business tools we employ, our blog has given us the greatest return. If your agency doesn’t have one or you’ve let your current blog go stagnant, a few things to think about in this post. Blogs certainly aren’t new and they’ve lost some luster in the face of…
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Ad Agency New Business: True Story of One Way You Never Want To Sell


Below is an example of something “over in the top” in every positive sense of the word. Prepare yourself. You may need a moment to absorb what you’re seeing up there-that’s right-Batman, fighting a shark, with a light saber. 15 kinds of amazing is what it really is, but I give you this because it…
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Some clarity regarding small to medium sized agency social media usage


At the risk of dwelling too much on the subject of social media and agency new business as of late, some points below that provide an informative bookend to my post from last week, specifically for smaller to mid-size agencies. Starting with another from Neal Kielar’s blog Agency Babylon on the current state of Twitter:…
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We killed our agency website. Now we’re happy.


We recently wrote a post on an agency allowing their FB page to “go dark.” Sid Peimer of the Cape Town agency, BEHP commented on that post, describing how BEHP had taken a further step in the recent past and “killed” their site. Sid was kind enough to guest post and flesh out the experience…
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Ad Agency New Business Proposal Basics-6 Steps


We’ve talked about the agency pitch before, but when I came across this Marketing Profs post by Doug Stern and Jaclyn Landon, I thought about the fact that we haven’t really focused a post on writing great proposals. Doug and Jaclyn’s post is called Six Keys to Writing a Great Proposal and they preface their…
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Social media experts and what ad agencies should know


David Armano is SVP at Edelman Digital, and he had a great post a while back that still holds up well today. (We linked to it in our roundup this week, but it’s good enough to expand on.) His post is titled How To Spot Social Media Snake Oil, and he lays out 5 things…
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