What’s Better For Your Ad Agency: “Good” People or Talented People?


The answer of course is both, but let me explain. Last week I read a fascinating interview with Herbie Herbert, the manager of Journey from their inception until the late eighties or so.  I didn’t read it so much because I like Journey (although I do, I’ll admit it) but because of the background machinations of…
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What’s "Worth” More Budgeting Dollars: Lead Nurturing vs. Lead Generation-Part 2


  We’re excited to present the second part Jude Fischer’s guest post below. Jude is a Partner and Director of Advertising Services at Adventive Marketing, Inc. Jude’s post fits in nicely with our methodology and commitment to lead nurturing and in part 2 of his previous post, “What’s “Worth” More Budgeting Dollars: Lead Nurturing vs.…
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