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nov 17

How To Get Your Team Involved And Vested In Agency New Business

Getting your agency employees on the new business bandwagon can greatly enhance your chances of success in obtaining new clients.  But I don’t have to tell you, it’s easier said than done; especially for mid-size and smaller agencies, as time is at a premium and taking care of clients invariably (and understandably) comes first.   […]

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nov 11

Yes, Another Post on Ways LinkedIn Can Help You Win New Business (but it will help, I promise)

I know, another blog post on the X (insert number here) things you need to know about yet another social media platform, but before you stop reading, here’s why I’m posting on the topic of LinkedIn. I believe I’ve said it previously, but social media for agency new business is like new business overall, in […]

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nov 04

Are You Wasting Agency Resources (or, Why Do You Blog?)

  I would be interested to hear the answer to the above, as we’ve been asking this question lately.  May seem silly to ask or at the very least counterintuitive, but take a look, randomly, at any agency’s blog.  After seeing a few you may ask yourself the following questions: -Who exactly is their audience, […]

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