The Ad Agency New Business Mercy Meeting = Do Not Want

Do not want

“Every opportunity is a meeting.” It is not true (at least not in regards to a quality meeting) but some ad agency new business salespeople treat every “yes” as a winner.  For many reasons, that’s a mistake. Why? 1)You’re overpromising-to yourself and/or to your employer-it will bite you 2)You’re not qualifying properly, if that’s your…
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Clients & The Traditional Agency Wakeup Call

good for me

Interesting post from Ben Wiener in Imedia connection this week called Digital expertise: Is your agency faking it? Ben talks about the last several years being harder for agencies to turn away business and that there’s been a lot more of the “Yeah, we do that” responses to clients. But as an agency, sometimes that’s…
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Is Facebook helping Your Agency Get New Business?

I ask the question sincerely. Of the social media platforms we use most often, here’s how they rank in terms of leads and business won: 1) The ANB Blog 2) Twitter 3) LinkedIn 4) Facebook Facebook just doesn’t rank up there in terms of new business for RSW/US, but that certainly doesn’t mean it couldn’t.…
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