Pat the Bunny-It Can Help Your Agency


As a New Business Director, much of my outreach to prospects is a combination of e-mail and letters mailed along with collateral pieces. Most marketers with whom I speak receive literally hundreds of communications weekly from other agencies. Think about how many e-mails you receive during a week.  It’s 3:15 PM, and I’ve already received…
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How The Kindle Fire Can Help Your Agency New Business Effort


So Amazon’s big news this week was the Kindle Fire, a beautiful full color Kindle for movies, TV shows, music, books, magazines, apps, games, web browsing and more, for only $199. It looks like there might actually be competition for Apple’s iPad. Slate had an interesting piece about it called Amazon Opens Fire and in…
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The Agency New Business Letter-Why Aren’t You Using It?


One of my favorite  bands, R.E.M., broke up in September 2011. What does that have to do with the new business letter? Read on. It is widely argued that perhaps it should have happened when original drummer Bill Berry left in 1997.  (I am, sadly, inclined to agree.) Nevertheless, they left a great legacy, with…
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Don’t Hire An Agency New Business Dog And Then Do Your Own Barking!


Was meeting with a prospect here at RSW/US the other week and as we talked about the potential of a relationship together, he said that he’s been in relationships before with his own clients where they hired him (the dog) and then proceeded to do their own barking….and talked about how he did not want…
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Agency New Business First Meeting- It Was Great-Wait, Who Just Got Fired?


The diversion of thought between Marketers and Agencies in what Marketers want from an agency new business first meeting and what they actually get is a topic we look at ongoing here at RSW/US. Our owner, Mark, conducted a webinar “Counsel on Closing” and he tackled the subject. An Agency may feel they have an…
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How Many Times To Touch That Lead?


Do you know the answer? It’s typically 6 to 10 times. What I’d like to see now is your reaction. Not going to happen obviously (although feel free to leave a comment in its place.) Does this surprise you? Are you doubtful of this stat? Or have you been doing this for a while and…
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