RSW/US Puts Its Agency New Business Money Where Its Feet Are


This past year, we made the decision to give back to those less fortunate in their community and across the country and established an internal philanthropic team. Beginning October 28, we’ve embarked on what will be an annual drive with an organization called Soles4Souls, with the drive ending November 11th. Our Philanthropy Director, Ashleigh Ress,…
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Your Biggest Agency Client, Gone-Bouncing Back From The Nightmare Scenario

Cash 2

There are several reasons agencies comes to us to handle their new business program: time/clients always coming first, can’t find a good salesperson internally who gets it and no new business structure or strategy-to name a few. There’s another as well-that agency client who accounts for a large, sometimes very large, percentage of your overall…
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Agency New Business Tips: WWMBD (What Would Mr. Belding Do)

Mr. Belding

Rather than the traditional post, I’m going to throw out a few agency new business tips of extreme importance in rapid-fire form.  A few may even border on rants, but it’s done out of love-it truly is.  Let’s get to it: Agency New Business Tip 1: Keep things simple for your prospects. A prospect signing up…
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Could Peanut Butter Be the New World Series?

peanut butter jelly

According to our most recent RSW/US survey report, two-thirds of marketers stated that digital agencies needed to evolve to offer more traditional services to remain relevant.  Also, of those marketers surveyed, only one-fourth were using an agency that was exclusively digital, social or SEO focused.   So what’s a digital agency to do? Digital agencies…
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Ad Agency Social Media For New Business-You’re Doing It Wrong


Ad Agency social media-has it been beaten to death yet? Why aren’t you using it, should you be using it-we’ve covered this ground. But it is ground worth covering. And it would seem agencies are, in fact, embracing social media, but based on stats from our survey, for all the wrong reasons.   Are You Posting About Kittens?…
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Agency New Business: It Goes Both Ways


In a recent post on RSW/AgencySearch’s site, we pointed out how marketers believe that “The Future Is Now” for digital agencies. Results from our most recent survey (download here) suggests that digital firms can’t wait to get themselves deeper into the traditional space. Marketers state that being digital-only simply isn’t going to cut it long-term –…
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Zombies: They Can Help Your Agency New Business Effort

walking dead

So, I love Halloween.  I do. And with Halloween comes the second season of  The Walking Dead. A fabulous (albeit wrenching) show (and comic book) that I am unfortunately not being paid to plug. If you’re not familiar, the show is about a zombie apocalypse and what might happen if real world folks were caught in…
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Agency New Business: Be a Challenger


I read an interesting blog post from the Harvard Business Review (Selling Is Not About Relationships), identifying the five sales personalities and which one was the most successful. Relationship Builders Hard Workers Lone Wolves Reactive Problem Solvers Challengers I’ve been in sales for 10 years and during that time I’ve taken countless training sessions on…
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