Agency New Business: You’ve Lost that Prospecting Feeling


Post by RSW/US New Business Director Kris Klopp There’s a scene in the movie Top Gun, where Kelly McGillis’ character, the civilian consultant, Charlotte Blackwood, call sign Charlie, is offering up a critique to Tom Cruise’s, Pete Mitchell, call sign Maverick, on a tactical move he made in a fight simulation. Maverick’s flight sequence works…
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Agency New Business: Cold Calling Doesn’t Work-But Calling Does


An interesting article from Marketing Charts on lead conversion, a study by Leads360 and tangentially-cold calling. It kicks off with this: Analyzing results from almost 3.5 million leads generated in the first half of 2012, across more than 400 companies, the study finds that phoning a new prospect within a minute of lead generation improves conversion rates…
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Agency New Business: Dazed and Confused About Twitter


Post by RSW/US New Business Director Kris Klopp (inspiration provided by Wooderson) In the movie “Dazed and Confused,” Matthew McConaughey’s character, Wooderson, has a funny line about high school girls staying the same age, while he keeps getting older. This is probably a bit of over exaggeration, but it still brings up a good point, that as younger…
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5 Tips to Tie Agency Services to Client Business Results

5 tips

Guest post by Tracy Lewis (@Tracy_J_Lewis) a consultant at PR 20/20 and community manager for Marketing Agency Insider In the grand scheme of things, most clients don’t care if you published eight blog posts last month or wrote a stellar ebook. They’re interested in bottom-line results that have a real impact on their businesses — such as leads and…
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Agency New Business: Put On That Damn Sales Hat (Chapter 15-How Deep Is Your Bench?)


This is Part 15 of a 17 chapter eBook, “Agency New Business: Put On That Damn Sales Hat,” which you can download at no cost here. The eBook covers everything from pre-prospecting preparation to working opportunities to close.  The majority of the eBook focuses on elements that agencies either often overlook, are too busy to consider, or are…
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Agency New Business: The Area Where Marketers Think You’re Still Falling Down


Finishing up our look at the RSW/US survey report, 2012 New Business Report: Client & Agency Perspective On Topics Related To Agency New Business, the final word is an agency new business plea, warning-whatever you’d like to call it, to agencies. While agencies can (and should) take a fair amount of optimism from our latest…
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RSW/US-Soles4Souls 2012 Shoe Drive


  In 2010, we established a relationship with Soles4Souls and have since contributed over 6,000 slightly worn shoes with the help of generous agency contributions. We chose Soles4Souls not only because it’s a worthy organization, but also because our agency prospects and clients often recant the story about the cobbler whose children have no shoes,…
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