Agency Value Propositions: Shaken Not Stirred


Last Friday, Belvedere Vodka, or one of its agencies, posted a rather distasteful advertisement on its official Twitter and Facebook pages. The ad features a man, holding on to a woman who is clearly scared, with a sexually offensive tagline.  To see a photo of the ad, check out this article. It did make me…
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Add Value to Your Agency New Business Efforts


When I started RSW/US, I believed that in order for us to succeed long-term in the world of agency new business, we needed to base our existence on the principles of Leo Burnett – and always recognize that we needed to continuously think about how to add value beyond the reason clients bring us on board. As Leo said,…
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Word is Your Enemy … and six other ways emails go bad

Word is your enemy

  Sometimes the best lessons are learned by mistakes, either yours or others. I came accross a sales email this morning that was a good example of how NOT to use email marketing.  I’ve shared some of my favorite sections with you, our ANB readers, below. ( I’ve blocked out any identifying names to protect…
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Socially Charged Agency New Business


Social media is inherently passive.  You post, only a handful will come (if you’re lucky).  You tweet, and maybe some will listen.  You like, and few care.   In our 2011 “Client’s Look Ahead at Agencies” only 12% of Marketers stated that social media plays an active role in helping them find a new firm.…
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Agency New Business: Know When To Fold ‘Em


When country musician Kenny Rogers sang “The Gambler,” I doubt he was thinking about agency business development, but this song contains some advice that agencies should take to heart.   You have to know when to hold ‘em. Know when to fold ‘em. Know when to walk away. Know when to run.   Sometimes there…
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You Can’t Hashtag Your Way to Social Change


In a recent FastCompany article, Courtney Martin talks about the dangers of relying too heavily on what’s hot in social media, the need for integration of traditional platforms, and the need to recognize that change takes time to influence and to not expect an overnight reversal of attitudes and consumer behavior. She talks about it in…
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(Another) New Beginning

RSW Sign (2)

Monday marked the fourth office move in six years for RSW/US. With each move, I try to plan for long-term growth, but every time we move, we seem to fill up our space more quickly than anticipated as our client roster grows at a consistently fast clip and the tenure of our client base grows…
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The Three Ingredients For Ad Agency New Business Success And A Challenge

More Effective Agency New Business Program

The three ingredients for ad agency new business success? Awareness, Consistency and Persistence. But prior to implementing these ingredients, you need to have your positioning tightly scripted. Not a literal script, mind you, but a concise overview that conveys who you are, what you do and why a potential client should work with you. So…
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