You Didn’t Get The Account: “Yeah, I know it was a difficult decision…”

…but if that’s all you learn when you ask why you didn’t win the account, then you’ve learned nothing that’s going to prevent your agency from losing again.

I am truly amazed when agencies lose a pitch how few really do a great job of uncovering the reasons why.

After all the hours, pain and energy invested in the effort to win the business, you owe it to your agency to learn why you came up short.

Accepting soft answers like, “your team showed great energy” or “the creative concepts you presented were really strong” simply means the prospect doesn’t want to hurt your feelings.

Well, losing hurts and at this point the only thing to gain is the additional pain of absolutely understanding where your agency came up short.

Gotta Dig

When a prospect gives you the soft answer, be bold and firm in digging for the real answers.

Yes, you make the prospect uncomfortable when you take the conversation here.

But, if you are honest with them and make them aware your agency can’t improve unless they tell you where you came up short, then you take this difficult conversation to a level they should respect and appreciate.

And while every agency should take this postmortem approach to opportunities lost, it becomes absolutely critical if your agency is constantly coming up short on every pitch.

Yes, when you are on the losing end of a pitch, prospects like to make every agency left at the altar feel like the bridesmaid.

Well, that loses its luster fast, and who wants to be the perpetual bridesmaid, living on the hope that the next hunky account will be theirs.

Be bold and pop the questions that need to be asked.

For all you have invested, your agency has earned that right.