Need A Check-Up For Your Agency New Business Development?

When I was trying to find a workout routine I could stick with, my doctor gave me three suggestions that are very applicable to new business development.

First, pick something you LIKE to do.

I can run, ice skate, lift weights, ride a bike, swim, but I like to dance.

So Zumba has been a blessing for me.

It incorporates a variety of Latin and Ballroom dance moves so it’s more like dancing than a workout.

Your agency might have experience in a lot of different sectors – healthcare, financial, CPG, B2B, or with a variety of media – direct, digital, social, print, but what is it you LIKE to do?

If you find automotive aftermarkets to be dull (sorry Tuner market), you’re going to dread reaching out to them.

There is always something that needs to be done more immediately than new business development or spending an hour on the treadmill.

If you LIKE talking to hospitals about building brand awareness for service lines, you’ll find the time to make these phone calls.


Second, build a support network.

Programs like Weight Watchers and Curves work so well because they provide you with encouragement and accountability.

If I miss a Zumba class, my Zumba girls ask me where I was, am I OK, when will I be back?

Also on weeks when I don’t lose any pounds, they keep my motivation high and my behind off of my couch.

It’s the same thing with new business development.

If you are struggling to get a single prospect to take your call, if you haven’t landed that $500,000 account with Nike, don’t get discouraged.

Use your support network to reinforce that you’re building brand awareness and relationships that may lead to new business six or more months down the road.

Third, find something close to your home.

The last thing anyone wants to do is sit in traffic for an hour after a long day of work to go to the gym.  I’d rather go home and eat.

Chances are if a company is in your own backyard, you know something about them and more importantly, you probably know someone who knows someone who works there.

Besides saving you hours on the road, trying to read your emails on your iPhone, local companies often require less research.

Instead of digging through the five-year-old press releases on their websites, spend five minutes scanning you’re the business section of your local newspaper or business weekly.

In addition to finding out news about the company, they usually contain information on who’s working where, who got what award.

These are great ice breakers for your conversations with prospects.

These three tips helped me to find a workout routine I love doing and have done it consistently for four months.

If your business development efforts need CPR or a shot of epinephrine to revive them, call RSW/US today.

The Doctor is in.