Agency New Business: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Post by RSW/US New Business Director Kris Klopp

In the fairy tale “Snow White,” the evil queen gazes upon her image in the mirror and ponders this question, “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”

As we all know, the evil queen is SHOCKED to hear the enchanted mirror respond that it is not the evil queen, but in fact the delightful Snow White who is the fairest in all of the land.

Of course, this response leads the evil queen to seek out and try to destroy Snow White.

Instead of focusing her efforts on destroying Snow White, perhaps she would’ve been better served evaluating her own special skills, talents and capabilities and then aligning those qualities to best meet the needs of her citizens.

Let’s face it; Snow White could take care of seven dwarves, but does being “prettier,” make her more qualified to rule a kingdom over the evil queen?

Don’t let your agency rest on being “prettier,” to be competitive; your agency must be more qualified.

We in marketing call that a value proposition, it’s what makes you different from all of those other marketing shops in town.

It’s also what gives your prospects a reason to believe you are qualified to help them meet their sales challenges and generate business growth.

The evil queen failed to understand her strengths and the needs of her citizens.


In short, she needed a better value proposition.

How do you develop a strong value proposition without access to an enchanted mirror?

Ask your clients what they want. Then align their needs around your core competencies.

For example, you might have the best media buying team in town, but if all of your clients are interested in increasing lead generation through their digital resources, you need a better solution than a few well-placed banner ads.

Remove the following words from your value proposition: creative, collaborative and process.

Seriously, all agencies are saying this.

If you don’t believe me, go check out a few of your competitor’s websites – I just looked at 10 agency websites and 9 said this.

The lone 10th agency without a creative, collaborate process?

I just spent several minutes checking out its compelling video case study – that was easily accessed from its home page.

Focus on statistics, client pain points and your solutions. Demonstrate that you KNOW your clients and your solutions delight them and grow their businesses. Sexy gets attention, but it doesn’t always generate sales growth consistently.

If I kiss your process, will it turn into Prince Charming?

In most prospecting situations, you have a window of 30 seconds to capture a potential client’s attention.

You do this by creating VALUE for them outside of their expectations.

Your value proposition needs to quickly and powerfully show prospects what makes your agency different from the 100 other agencies pitching to them.

It needs to create immediate impact – not be a long, convoluted fairy tale.

So don’t be like the evil queen and spend all of your time worrying about being “pretty,” when what you really need to be is smarter.