Evergreen Content And Why You Need It For Agency New Business


Post by RSW/US-Digital/Marketing Team Member Marisa Becker I read a lot of blogs in my role at RSW/US as I go about finding compelling content to use in our electronic outreach efforts. And I’ve also seen a dearth of advice for bloggers– how to optimize your blog for search engines, how often you should be blogging,…
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Witness The Insanity: Agencies, Social & New Business


Post by RSW/US Director Of Business Development Lee McKnight Jr Continuing with thoughts on our latest RSW/US survey, Changes in Social Digital Media (2009-2012)(download here), one stat I find particularly strange. From the survey: Agencies are increasing their use of social media as a tool for agency new business prospecting with 87% of Agencies stating…
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In Agency New Business, Who Wins?


Of course the Agency wins…right?  They just landed a big ‘ole piece of business! Or is it the Marketer that wins because they’ve just hired a smart Agency that is going to propel them forward!? I think the answer is, frankly, an all or nothing affair. Either both win, or neither wins…and the burden of…
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Agency New Business: A Mediocre Prospecting Email Dismantled

Dismantled 2

I received a prospecting email recently from a company vying to get my attention. They did that, but for all the wrong reasons. Below is the email, and I’m going to give you 6 reasons why, as you’re out there prospecting for agency new business, you shouldn’t send an email like this: Hope all is well. If…
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