Sabotaging Your Agency New Business Director Before She/He Even Starts?


As I’m talking to agencies every day, I get some perspective on the decision to use a company like RSW-US or hire an agency new business director internally. Both obviously have pros and cons, and focusing on the internal hire for the purposes of this post, a few reminders and/or questions you should consider (because…
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Agency New Business: The Harsh Reality-Clients Will Go

Will go

We did a Pennsylvania tour of duty this week with a few wonderful new clients and on the way home in the Pittsburgh airport, had a quick bite and beverage at The Burgh Sportz Bar. (Which despite the use of the Z where an S should be, is quite affordable for an airport and is…
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Agency New Business: Getting The Right Contact The First Time

Decision Maker

Post by RSW/US New Business Director Catherine Ross We all know that major rebranding efforts typically don’t happen more often than every 3 years and typically, much less frequently. No one whose job it is to develop new marketing or brand design business ever wants to get this message from the VP of Marketing at…
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How Agencies Get New Business: RSW/US & the Agency san diego Infographic


A huge thank you to the Agency san diego for creating this infographic based on the findings from our most recent survey, 2012 New Business Report: Client & Agency Perspective On Topics Related To Agency New Business.  Please share! (Download below)                                  …
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Agency New Business Development in 2013-Forget The AOR?


A brief, interesting piece regarding agency new business development in AdAge this week: What Agencies Can Expect From New Business in 2013. Here’s the potentially sobering first sentence: The days when agencies could expect multiple $100 million-plus, agency-of-record accounts to go up for grabs each year are now barely visible in the rear-view mirror. Probably not…
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Crucial: Crafting Your Agency New Business Elevator Pitch-Part 1

Elevator Pitch

Working to help agencies win new business on a daily basis, one of the toughest things, especially initially, to nail down is overall messaging and part of that being the elevator pitch. More specifically, concise messaging-that says what the agency does, how they’re different from their competition and how they might help a prospect. Inevitably,…
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