Persistence Leads To A Payoff or Using Twitter As A New Business Building Tool

Recently the RSW/US New Business Directors were treated to a seminar to help us refine our skills in using Twitter as a new business building tool.

It reminded this NBD to share a (not all digital) Twitter success story.

One of my clients was attending the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons meeting in Chicago.

Great list in hand, and one I was using to reach out to prospects.

One facet of the RSW/US prospecting process is to follow target companies, and if possible individual prospects, on Twitter.

Low and behold, a prospect company posted this Tweet:

 Find out which products we will be featuring at #AAOS2013 try visiting….

 About three clicks into each AAOS featured product a marketing manager or VP was identified as the owner.

New Business

Can you say, “I just hit the mother lode of marketing people attending this event?”

Our list team quickly added several of these VP’s to our list and mailed (yes, mailed) an introductory letter and brochure, calling ahead to each prospect about the mailing and introducing my client.

I followed that up with an email post-call and continued a respectful reach-out to these prospects.

About the 3rd call in, one of these new contacts recommended an as yet unknown person as the appropriate contact for the subject company.

Happy to report, our process paid off and through my efforts and ongoing awareness of my client, a first meeting was born.

(As it turned out, the prospect did reschedule to a more convenient time, away from the conference.  We hated having a whole hour to talk instead of just 20 minutes in the middle of a busy conference full of distractions.)

As this is being written, our client is in continuing discussions and bordering on writing a proposal for work with that prospect company.

The moral of this story?

Persistence pays off.

Pursue and ply any and all tools until the payoff!


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 Catherine RossPost by RSW/US New Business Director Catherine Ross