Analysis says:  Be Relentless for Agency New Business


And Persistent.      Okay.  I said it.  AGAIN. We do talk about polite persistence a lot at RSW/US.  Actually, we do more than TALK about it, we practice it.   But if you’re a bit weary of us talking about being “politely persistent” in pursuit of new business prospects for clients, we could call…
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A 10 Year Anniversary Reflection: Three Words of Wisdom I Live By

Upfront03HR SpongeBob SquarePants 10th Anniversary

There are three words of wisdom I live by and have impressed upon our team since the start of the business 10 years ago (11/11/2005). Add value Continuously re-invent Stay true to your core Actually there’s a fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh that are more important than any of these three: Be nice, respectful, thankful,…
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Is Silence the Sound of Influence?


INFLUENCE.   In agency new business – where facing prospects who hold the decision making power that can potentially carry your firm to new heights – influence is a coveted ability. At every phase of the new business development process, building credibility and influence is vital. It’s quite an art to accomplish this pleasantly and…
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What’s Your Agency’s Bumper Sticker?


Ever put a bumper sticker on your car? I have – usually during political election seasons. Bumper stickers typically very clearly and very succinctly articulate an idea or a position. If you had to create a bumper sticker for your agency, what would it say? How would it define your point of difference in a…
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Striking the Right Emotions in Agency New Business?


In a conversation with one of my New Business Director colleagues the other day about particularly successful clients, she reflected on the importance of “Thank You”. She specifically recalled the AdAge article reporting on the new business panel discussion at their Small Agency Conference, when one panelist remarked: “I’ve seen when an agency won the…
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Future-Proofing Your Agency: Be like a Beaver

beaver cropped

Your new business prospects are looking for something to sink their teeth into.      As our series on future-proofing your agency has illustrated, marketers are consolidating agencies, and agencies are intensifying their agency new business efforts. Amid this increasingly competitive activity, marketers are telling us they receive information from hundreds of agencies who sound…
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Hubspot’s Inbound 2015 – What a Show…And What a Response!


It was back in 2012 that I first experienced Hubspot’s Inbound conference. I was asked to speak on topics related to agency – marketer relationships. In 2012, I remember thinking “holy cow…this is like a revival…everybody is drinking the kool-aid!”   Thousands of marketers and agencies hanging on the edge of everything told to them about…
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Future-Proofing Your Agency: Be like a Honey Bee

Honey Bee

If an outside observer remarked that your agency team appear “as busy as bees”, that could be a good thing. Particularly, if they are busy on the right things – things that matter for moving your clients and your own firm forward. However, that’s not what is most important about the Honey Bee when it…
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The Agency New Business Component You Can’t Gloss Over

The Agency New Business Component You Can't Gloss Over

Geoffrey James of Inc. wrote a post on sales development, 6 Steps for Developing Sales Opportunities and he makes a good initial point (with a caveat I’ll add below): Salespeople similarly expend a huge amount of thought and energy on closing deals that turn those sales leads into real, live paying customers. Ironically, the beginning…
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Phone-o-phobia: Fear of Rejection in Agency New Business

Fear of the phone

“NO” stings. A recent Wall Street Journal post offering a CEO’s recommendations for dealing with rejection brought my thoughts to remarks people make when they hear about my work. “Oh!” they say.  “Where do you get the courage to pick up the phone and call people you’ve never met before and try to sell them…
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