What a Deal! A Full Deck of Agency New Business Facts!


We’ve been dealing out a lot of new business tips, facts and advice over the past seven weeks….and the last 11 years! The “Winning Hands” playing cards we’ve been playing daily on #Instagram were truly dealt randomly, and “three of a kind” showed up in this week’s cards that caught my attention, given their common…
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Release Your Inner Curator: it’s good for business development (Part III)


This final post on my three-part series, Release Your Inner Curator, provides the fifth and final step in the content curation process. In addition, I’ve provided some thoughts on worthwhile curation apps available to simplify the process. Step Five: Share your curated content Sharing your findings can be as simple sending them in an email…
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Ever Feel Lost in the Agency New Business Shuffle?


We’re several weeks into the RSW/US “Winning Hands” promotion on Instagram.  Every week we’ve “dealt” five cards on Instagram, and every hand’s a winner that can keep your firm out of the agency new business shuffle. This week  a couple of the cards dealt presented a pair of tips that are very much related: This…
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Release Your Inner Curator: it’s good for business development (Part II)


We recently began a blog series showing how to gear up a content curation program of your own.  Part I included these steps: Set your curation strategy. Choose a topic.   Steps three and four follow here. Step Three: Gather sources You no doubt follow and read trade publications that are relevant to your industry…
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Release Your Inner Curator: it’s good for business development (Part I)


  If you read our recent post, “Is your blogging bad? Maybe you should try content curation…,” you may be starting to feel your inner curator stirring.  The post introduced the idea of content curation for new business development. Over the next three weeks, we’ll show the steps you can take to gear up a…
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Is your blogging bad? Maybe you should try content curation…


Your blog, no matter how good it is, will never beat the internet.  It just can’t. For an agency, seeking to engage with an audience by adding value to their lives with meaningful content, here’s one stat to consider.  According to WordPress, their users produce 64.3 million new posts a month! 64.3M with a capital…
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For New Business Development, Pick a Card – EVERY Card!


With our “Winning Hands” promotion, we’re dealing out so many new business development tips and facts, it’s nearly impossible to pick just one deserving further insight. However, one of the cards we “dealt” on Instagram recently encourages using multiple communication channels to get your agency’s message out: This advice stands out for several reasons, including:…
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The Cards You are Holding – A Winning Hand?


To some degree, agency new business success rests in the cards you are holding. Mostly, it’s about how you play them. Right — just like Kenny Rodgers crooned, “Every hand’s a winner and every hand’s a loser.” As we contemplated the new business development experience we’ve amassed over 11 years at RSW/US and industry insights…
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RSW/US New Business Development Insta-Tips! WHAT?!


That’s correct, Insta-tips. RSW/US now has an Instagram presence, and we’re launching it by including new business development tips that you can read in, what else but, an instant! Why Instagram for new business development? The B2B Social Media Engagement Rates chart published earlier this year by MarketingCharts was very insightful. As shown below, it…
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slump cat

The theory of the summer slump is a myth.  A fairy tale. We called this out in a post a few weeks ago, New Business Development “Summer Slump” … Feeling lonely as a Mars Rover?. That post argues that the summer slump is something we create by buying into the notion it has basis in…
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