The “Best Of” Troubling Trends

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I know it’s hard to believe, but agencies and marketers do occasionally struggle to see eye-to-eye. I see it all too often on the RSW/AgencySearch side of our business.  Marketers coming to us frustrated with their agency’s performance…feeling like they have fallen behind the digital/social curve…feeling like they have lost focus…feeling like they are no…
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Coke Got Rid Of Voicemail-How Does That Affect Ad Agency New Business?

Coke Got Rid Of Voicemail-How Does That Affect Ad Agency New Business

In case you didn’t see it, Coca Cola got rid of voicemail at their Atlanta Headquarters: Office voice mail at the world’s largest soft-drink maker was shut down “to simplify the way we work and increase productivity,” according to an internal memo from Chief Information Officer Ed Steinike. The change went into effect this month,…
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Authenticity – Is Your Team Bred For Agency New Business?


Over the years, we’ve heard agency executives reflect on internal business development initiatives that haven’t produced the desired results. Recently, I was reading some posts on authenticity that did what good posts do – got me thinking. “Authenticity” does not come up in survey responses when we ask agencies what might be holding internal business…
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2015 Business Resolution: Use These 5 Apps To Increase Productivity


Over the past two years, we’ve released the New Business Tools Report along with Mirren to help agencies with an overview of the tools their agency peers are using to facilitate new business or a more efficient overall agency process. In that spirit, below is a guest post on 5 apps you may not be…
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Your New Business Effort-Kringle or Krampus?


(Obligatory Xmas post!) Familiar with the Krampus?   If not: Krampus is a beast-like creature from the folklore of Alpine countries thought to punish children during the Christmas season who had misbehaved, in contrast with Saint Nicholas, who rewards well-behaved ones with gifts. The Krampus has been a part of European history for some time…
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Agency New Business can be MADNESS. To succeed, METHOD is a critical key.


Our e-book, 10 Agency New Business Questions, features interviews with five agency executives who have responsibility for new business within their firms. What is interesting is that each new business leader takes a slightly different approach and succeeds. Variables include inbound and outbound emphasis, channels for delivering thought leadership, even who within their respective firms…
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RSWUS-10 Agency New Business Questions eBook


Our 10 Agency New Business Questions eBook is a series of posts interviewing individuals who’ve found success heading new business at their respective agencies. These interviews took place over the course of 2014, with each individual answering the same 10 questions on their new business process, tools and reasons for success. As an outsourced agency new business development firm,…
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Your Agency Nightmare-There’s Been A Change In Direction


Here’s the scenario: You got the meeting with an ideal prospect. You have a conversation where you unearth that the company is going in a specific direction and needs services you can provide. So your team comes together to construct initial thinking and direction, incorporating ways you’ve helped past and current clients. The day comes,…
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Why You Can’t Ignore Your Agency New Business Pipeline

The majority of new business is stop and start for agencies and inevitably the pipeline become non-existent. You know that’s bad but you’re so busy with client work and referrals are coming in. Both those things will change, or at the very least become inconsistent. There’s another piece to the puzzle you can’t ignore: You’ve…
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Why Do Agencies Struggle With New Business?

Why do agencies struggle with new business? A loaded question. Selling for RSW I get asked, why should we consider outsourcing our new business effort and more specifically, working with your firm? Part of that conversation will ultimately lead to how we, specifically, work with our clients, but another part speaks to why agencies struggle…
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