Agency New Business-Don’t Send This Email

Agency New Business-Don't Send This Email-2

I enjoy getting sales emails, I often hold onto them. I learn a lot from them, sometimes helpful, sometimes cringe worthy. I got one this morning and, in the spirit of agency new business improvement, want to share it with you and break down some issues. In terms of agency new business and your prospecting…
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Agency New Business-Speak The Marketer’s Language Or Be Ignored

new business

Agency principals often say they’re considering our new business services because they a) don’t have time to follow a consistent process or b) once they’re in the pitch, they’re in good shape, but it’s getting there that confounds them (and they don’t have time as well). CMO tenure, and the revolving door nature of the…
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First Agency New Business Meeting — Be ALL Ears!

be all ears

So, you’ve scheduled that new business meeting.  This is Part II in the series on “Now The Work Begins!” Our recent post on fully preparing for that agency new business meeting your team worked so hard to schedule offered steps to take in advance, showing your prospect how interested and familiar you are with their business…
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Inbound For Agency New Business-Build It. . . And They Will Not Come


Too many marketing services firms treat their inbound strategy for new business like Kevin Costner in the movie Field of Dreams: “build it and they will come,” but it won’t work that way. In this brief video, Lee McKnight, Director of Business Development for RSW/US, describes four key big-picture components of an effective inbound strategy…
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Your Agency Culture And When An Employee Doesn’t Embrace It

When An Agency Employee Doesn’t Embrace Your Culture

(This is part 2 of Ed Burgoyne’s post Do Your Values Inform Your Agency Culture?) When you are busy and stressed, I know it requires an extra effort to be in the moment and focus on being the leader the organization needs, and the leader you would like to be. This is why it helps…
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Agency Search & Rescue – “Top 10 List” from the Front Line


It’s been five years since we started RSW/AgencySearch and we’ve amassed our own “Top 10 List” of tips from the front line of pitching, RFI responding, and general review “etiquette” that can help agencies better their chances of winning when in a review. Here we go: #10 – Don’t overstate your experience.  Because you’ll be…
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If Agency New Business was a Rabbit Hunt, how many rabbits would you chase?

netting rabbits

  Our recent webinar, Frustration Breeds Opportunity – Tensions between Agencies and Marketers, describes dynamics that increase the challenges for new business development. Just a couple among them are: 1. Marketers tend to be consolidating agencies 2. A majority of agencies express intent to be increasingly aggressive in new business activity. 2015 is almost a…
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