If our Agency New Business Survey Report was a Fortune Cookie…


If the RSW/US 2016 Agency New Business Survey Report was a fortune cookie, it would foretell of an industry increasing in complexity, yet full of opportunity.   The RSW/US Agency New Business Survey is one we field every two years that examines the state of…well…Agency New Business Development. The 2016 Survey was the fourth in…
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Agencies and Marketers Agree: Google+ is Boring


We’ve just released the 2016 RSW/US Agency New Business Survey Report.   This is a survey we conduct every two years; 2016 presents our fourth report in the survey series. The primary objective of the Agency New Business Survey is hearing from agencies about the new business environment, and how industry changes have been affecting the…
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Could a Robot Be Your Next Intern?


If a robot COULD take on some of your tasks as your next intern, think of the time you could free up for new business development! When it comes to Artificial intelligence I find there are two schools of thought. The first, a hostile takeover in which machines threaten our everyday way of life, and the…
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Have I Got a Project for You!

stamping project for kids

To project or not to project? That is the question. Turn the clock back to 2005 when I started RSW/US and agencies could be much more discriminating. They didn’t have to accept project work, they could be more selective relative to their client base, and if you were a big networked agency, you could dismiss…
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What’s Your Agency’s Bumper Sticker?


Ever put a bumper sticker on your car? I have – usually during political election seasons. Bumper stickers typically very clearly and very succinctly articulate an idea or a position. If you had to create a bumper sticker for your agency, what would it say? How would it define your point of difference in a…
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Hubspot’s Inbound 2015 – What a Show…And What a Response!


It was back in 2012 that I first experienced Hubspot’s Inbound conference. I was asked to speak on topics related to agency – marketer relationships. In 2012, I remember thinking “holy cow…this is like a revival…everybody is drinking the kool-aid!”   Thousands of marketers and agencies hanging on the edge of everything told to them about…
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Looking At Your Competition Like Looking In The Mirror?

Looking At Your Competition Like Looking In The Mirror

It’s always annoying when you see the click-bait “Death of” or ‘Is X Dead” headline regarding a platform or service, so I was pleasantly surprised with Twitter’s Death Warmed Over in the MediaPost. The author does a nice job of pointing out what Twitter is, and isn’t, in its current state of existence, kicking things…
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Proactive Prospecting + Inbound Marketing = New Business Success


Last year, we asked Peter Caputa, VP of Sales at HubSpot, if he might provide some perspective around what was then, our most recent survey, The RSW/US-Mirren 2014 New Business Tools Report, and Peter was kind of enough to pen a guest post for us. Peter’s post corresponds to one of the chapters in our…
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Is your Agency New Business Plan Ready for Industry Transformation?

Transformation1 Marks Post

Through our daily interactions – and quarterly surveys  –  with both marketers and agencies we see a number of dynamics and trends shaping the “agency of the future”. These forces give insight to agency capabilities and culture that will be important to success as our industry evolves. The recent CMO.com article, 15 Mind-Blowing Stats About…
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