Blair Enns of Win Without Pitching: The Only New Business Indicator That Matters

Blair Enns 16x9 (2)

Our 2016 Thought Leader Survey presented questions from six industry Thought Leaders about current developments and trends in the industry.  Each panelist also offered a piece of agency new business advice. Blair Enns, founder of Win Without Pitching is one of the Thought Leader panelists.   Win Without Pitching is a sales and marketing training…
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Mark O’Brien of Newfangled: No Silver Bullets for Agency New Business

Mark OBrien comp (2)

I’m delighted to introduce a guest post from Mark O’Brien, the CEO of Newfangled. Newfangled empowers agencies to generate ideal new business opportunities through creating and nurturing digital marketing systems and habits that have a measurable impact on their bottom line. Mark is the author of “A Website That Works: How Marketing Agencies Can Create…
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Future-Proofing Your Agency Video: Be The Bee!

Bee Banner

Our Infographic, 8 Animal Traits You Need to Future Proof your Agency, calls out that 88% of Marketers say it’s important for their agency partner to have strong expertise in their industry. In our latest infographic video, we focus on the honey bee.  And the honey bee trait most important to the Agency of the…
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RSW/US Agency of the Future Webinar


We are in an unusual position at RSW/US. Not only do we glean great insights from the surveys we run among marketers and agencies, but we also pick up great perspective from marketers when we talk with them on the RSW/AgencySearch side of our business. We learn about their pains, what they’re looking for in…
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Phone-o-phobia: Fear of Rejection in Agency New Business

Fear of the phone

“NO” stings. A recent Wall Street Journal post offering a CEO’s recommendations for dealing with rejection brought my thoughts to remarks people make when they hear about my work. “Oh!” they say.  “Where do you get the courage to pick up the phone and call people you’ve never met before and try to sell them…
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Agency New Business “Don’t Send this Email”: Part II


Yes, this is very elementary.  But, it keeps happening. One of our recent posts addressed how critical it is to put yourself in the prospect’s place when writing emails for agency new business. For ANY written communication, it’s important that the messaging be clear and succinct. Even more fundamental – be CERTAIN to have the…
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The Agency New Business Hunt: How Does your Website Perform?


These are rites of spring:  Baseball Opening Day.  The Kentucky Derby. Turkey Hunting Season. And, the Mirren – RSW/US Tools and Technology Report. Once again we surveyed advertising executives for the latest insights on tools and technology that their firms are using effectively for their agency new business programs. With the latest survey, it has…
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Closing Agency New Business: Easier than Finding a Pot of Gold


Two recent posts have addressed the importance of managing the introductory meeting process with new prospective clients, from pre-meeting planning and strategy, to managing the meeting itself. Following the meeting, the work is likely to continue. In Our “Check the Boxes – Getting to Close” webinar  (or slides) for agency new business, we related that…
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