What does “The Changing Marketing Landscape” Mean for Agency New Business?


“The fundamentals of marketing are always going to be the same, but with the landscape changing at the speed of technology, what matters most now is how one activates the fundamentals.”   With this observation, marketing and advertising expert, Avi Dan, opens his recent marketing-trends-to-watch post in Forbes. For full appreciation of all eleven trends…
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When your Agency New Business Pitch Becomes a Change-up

As a New Business Director at RSW/US, I help my agency clients from the first call with a new prospect through to the close. This week, I was on a conference call with a prospect and introducing them to my client.   The prospect is the VP of Marketing, seeking an agency to provide full…
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10 Agency New Business Questions for Joe Saracino

Joe Saracino

Following is the fourth in a series of monthly posts titled, “10 Agency New Business Questions,” in which we ask individuals who’ve found success heading new business at their respective agencies 10 questions regarding their new business strategy and experience. In this post, we asked Joe Saracino from the Erwin Penland agency in Greenville, South Carolina to…
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Ad Agency New Business-How Much does Spec Creative Really Cost you?


Following is guest post from Mary-Lynn Bellamy-Willms, CEO of FunctionFox, the maker of the leading time and project management software, TimeFox.  Having been in the advertising business for over 20 years, and in the time and project tracking business for over 10 years, I’ve learned a few lessons. In fact more than a few, but unfortunately, some…
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In Agency New Business, Make Them Feel Like You’re ALWAYS Ramping Up


In a post back in February: A Desired Agency New Business Outcome – Make Them Feel Like You’re Ramping Up I spoke about how a few of the agencies selected in recent searches we managed on the RSW/AgencySearch side of our business made the client feel like they were already ramping up. They tailored the presentation…
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Why Agency New Business Is Like A NYC Cab Driver

agency new business

Why is agency new business like a NYC cab driver? Stop and Start. Stop and Start. It no longer bothers me, but I’ll never forget my first cab ride in NYC (and Chicago, you’re right there too, don’t want to leave you out)-lightning speed along the lines of the Millennium Falcon with the hyperdrive fixed,…
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RSW/US Agency New Business-Digital Agencies A Threat To Traditional in 2013?


Lee McKnight, Director of Business Development for RSW/US, talks briefly on the results from the Agency New Business 2013 RSW/US Agency-Marketer Business Report. In this video we focus on the impact of digital agencies in 2013 and a question we’ve posed over the past several years: what, if any, threat digital firms pose to full…
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5 Tips to Tie Agency Services to Client Business Results

5 tips

Guest post by Tracy Lewis (@Tracy_J_Lewis) a consultant at PR 20/20 and community manager for Marketing Agency Insider In the grand scheme of things, most clients don’t care if you published eight blog posts last month or wrote a stellar ebook. They’re interested in bottom-line results that have a real impact on their businesses — such as leads and…
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