The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same


Some things never change in agency new business development.  Like the daily “battle”, we fight trying to prove out to marketing agencies that we aren’t just another one of those hundreds of other lead generation firms with fancy names emailing agencies about how they can help them win it all. We have a number of…
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Your Agency New Business Report Card-You’re Going To Summer School

Your Agency New Business Report Card-You’re Going To Summer School

I talked about my recent inclusion in the latest HubSpot agency survey report and the risk of relying on referrals in this post. There’s some good information on pricing, rates and hiring in the report, and also an interesting section on new business. And if the key stats from that section (below) represented a new…
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The Risky Business of Relying on Referrals

The Agency Pricing & Financials Report

I was pleased to be included in the latest HubSpot survey report, The Agency Pricing & Financials Report. New business is covered (with interesting results) but the bulk covers pricing, rates, and hiring, some great info for agency principals. And specifically in regards to new business, Jami Oetting, a section editor for HubSpot’s Blog, was kind enough to ask…
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New Business Development “Summer Slump” … Feeling lonely as a Mars Rover?

michael scott stumped

How has new business development prospecting been going this month? Are you on a brisk-as-a-crisp-fall-day kind of pace?   Or does it feel a little lonely out there? Are you bringing in new clients faster than rabbits seem to multiply in the spring?   Or does it seem like no one’s home? Honestly, is there REALLY a…
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Marketing Evolution…or Revolution? Burning Questions for New Business Development

pushme pullyou

Advertising and marketing industry changes bear fresh opportunities for new business development; they also bring fresh challenges! The pace of industry change exceeds “evolution”.  Considering only  the explosive growth in marketing technology – and budgets associated with it – “revolution” could be a more accurate description. A recent MarketingCharts post gives us a peek at what Marketers…
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Your New Business Proposal: Feel Like All Your Shots Are Blocked? (Part I)

Terrence Cody blocks a field goal as time expires to secure Alabama's 12-10 victory over Tennessee last season. It was Cody's second blocked kick of the fourth quarter.
CW | John Michael Simpson

As if rejection isn’t bad enough, this is the first of a two-part series on the topic. This Harvard Business Review article, 5 Reasons Good Deals Get Rejected, refers to situations outside the realm of the agency new business proposal specifically, but the reasons DO apply. The article does a great job describing the “why”…
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2016 RSW/US Agency New Business Tools & Technology Webinar

2016 RSWUS Agency New Business Tools & Technology Webinar

2016 marks the fourth year that Mirren and RSW/US have collaborated on the New Business Tools Survey and Report and below is a companion to our report, a webinar based on our findings, coupled with some more recent stats that put several of the most prominent tools into different perspective. You’ll also hear: -The most…
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Mainstay Agency New Business Tools: Taken as a Given or for Granted?

clock inner workings

In our upcoming webinar on June 23, we will go into detail about the results of the Mirren-RSW/US 2016 Agency New Business Tools Survey. And while upcoming posts will also look more deeply into the results of the survey, it seems important to call out several important tools that respondents did not mention.  They are…
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The Cata-LIST for Agency New Business?


Of the eleven categories new business tools rated by 200 agency executives nationwide in the Mirren – RSW/US 2016 New Business Tools Report, only one exhibited growth over 2015: Prospect Contact/List Building Software.     Seeing growth in this category is both encouraging and puzzling. It’s encouraging, as it suggests agencies are increasingly cognizant of…
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Is the Agency New Business Garden Planted for a Good Harvest?

garden dollar bills 2

  Seasonal habits die hard.  It just feels like agency new business planning should be in the air! Years ago, as a Consumer Marketing Manager for top household cleaning products, spring brought flowers, birds returning from winter homes, and the hatching of the business planning process for the upcoming calendar year. It’s highly likely that the…
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