Agency New Business “Don’t Send this Email”: Part II


Yes, this is very elementary.  But, it keeps happening. One of our recent posts addressed how critical it is to put yourself in the prospect’s place when writing emails for agency new business. For ANY written communication, it’s important that the messaging be clear and succinct. Even more fundamental – be CERTAIN to have the…
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The Agency New Business Hunt: How Does your Website Perform?


These are rites of spring:  Baseball Opening Day.  The Kentucky Derby. Turkey Hunting Season. And, the Mirren – RSW/US Tools and Technology Report. Once again we surveyed advertising executives for the latest insights on tools and technology that their firms are using effectively for their agency new business programs. With the latest survey, it has…
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Closing Agency New Business: Easier than Finding a Pot of Gold


Two recent posts have addressed the importance of managing the introductory meeting process with new prospective clients, from pre-meeting planning and strategy, to managing the meeting itself. Following the meeting, the work is likely to continue. In Our “Check the Boxes – Getting to Close” webinar  (or slides) for agency new business, we related that…
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Is your Agency New Business Plan Ready for Industry Transformation?

Transformation1 Marks Post

Through our daily interactions – and quarterly surveys  –  with both marketers and agencies we see a number of dynamics and trends shaping the “agency of the future”. These forces give insight to agency capabilities and culture that will be important to success as our industry evolves. The recent article, 15 Mind-Blowing Stats About…
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First Agency New Business Meeting — Be ALL Ears!

be all ears

So, you’ve scheduled that new business meeting.  This is Part II in the series on “Now The Work Begins!” Our recent post on fully preparing for that agency new business meeting your team worked so hard to schedule offered steps to take in advance, showing your prospect how interested and familiar you are with their business…
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More SATISFACTION in Agency New Business

never give up

A recent note from one of our clients shows how contagious satisfaction can be. It also reinforced key points from an earlier post celebrating client feedback. First, the note. (For client confidentiality, the prospect company name has been changed.) “Mark, I hope all is well.  We just had a go-to-meeting with Acme Insurance.  The CMO…
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If Agency New Business was a Rabbit Hunt, how many rabbits would you chase?

netting rabbits

  Our recent webinar, Frustration Breeds Opportunity – Tensions between Agencies and Marketers, describes dynamics that increase the challenges for new business development. Just a couple among them are: 1. Marketers tend to be consolidating agencies 2. A majority of agencies express intent to be increasingly aggressive in new business activity. 2015 is almost a…
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Building Client Loyalty – does your Agency have a Retention Strategy?


  If it feels like the industry is becoming more competitive — it’s not just you. In the RSW/US 2015 New Year Outlook Survey, 79% of agencies responding indicated seeing the industry as more competitive than it was three-four years ago. And, this is a considerable increase from 2013, when 68% of responders observed increasing…
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What does “The Changing Marketing Landscape” Mean for Agency New Business?


“The fundamentals of marketing are always going to be the same, but with the landscape changing at the speed of technology, what matters most now is how one activates the fundamentals.”   With this observation, marketing and advertising expert, Avi Dan, opens his recent marketing-trends-to-watch post in Forbes. For full appreciation of all eleven trends…
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