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oct 30

RSW/US Agency New Business Thought Leader Interview with Tom Martin

The second in a series of agency new business thought leaders video interviews, RSW/US Owner and President Mark Sneider interviews Tom Martin, author of The Invisible Sale, Owner of Converse Digital and proponent of “Painless Prospecting.” Mark talks with Tom about breaking the traditional sales mold agencies have become so entrenched in, the masochistic fascination […]

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oct 25

2013 RSW/US Agency New Business Thought Leader Video Series: Tony Mikes of Second Wind

The first in a series of agency new business thought leaders video interviews, RSW/US owner and President Mark Sneider interviews Second Wind founder Tony Mikes. In the interview, Mark focuses on Tony’s questions and agency responses to his questions from our thought leader survey, including the benefits of agency new business as a “team sport,” […]

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oct 22

An Agency New Business Strategy Means Getting To No Faster (and RFPs Are The Devil)

One of the best positions your agency can be in=being able to say no to work that isn’t the right fit. I’ve mentioned it in previous posts (Ad Agency New Business-When To Say No & When To Follow Your Gut) and it would appear, at least via Ad Age, that agencies are taking this to heart, […]

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oct 18

Twitter For Agency New Business-Where I was Wrong (and Still A Bit Right)

Back from the BOLO digital conference this week with quite a bit of useful information to digest. In one group conversation, the question of social media usage for agency new business came up. One of my often repeated call to arms for agencies is, Don’t just tweet to each other. My thinking has always been, […]

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oct 11

10 Agency New Business Questions for Paul Pomeroy

Following is the second in a series of monthly posts titled, “10 Agency New Business Questions,” in which we ask individuals who’ve found success heading new business at their respective agencies 10 questions regarding their new business strategy and experience. In this post, we asked 10 Agency New Business Questions to Paul Pomeroy at ab+c in […]

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oct 09

RSW/US Ad Agency New Business-Perfecting the RFI & RFP

Mark Sneider of RSW/US was recently interviewed by Jean-Pierre Lacroix of Shikatani Lacroix on the topic of ad agency new business RFP and RFI creation. In this video, Mark talks about ways to improve the RFI/RFP process. Many thanks to Shikatani Lacroix for the interview opportunity.      

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oct 03

5 Agency New Business Questions Agency Principals Need To Ask Their Team Now

Now is always an interesting time of the year for RSW/US as agencies look to 2014 and get knee-deep in planning for the new year. I say interesting because agency new business is typically part of that plan (if not, it should be!) and agencies are asking a lot of good questions about new business-should […]

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sep 27

Agency New Business: 3 Wake-up Calls

In our latest agency new business survey, we asked seven thought leaders in the agency new business space to provide questions they’d like to ask agency principals on the topics around agency new business. Of all the responses and findings, here are three new business areas agencies should take note of: 1. Agencies aren’t being […]

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sep 26

The RSW/US Thought Leader Survey-Where social fits into your agency new business program today webinar

Our latest agency new business webinar is now available to view here. And the slide deck is available for download on our SlideShare page here.     “The RSW/US Thought Leader Survey Webinar— Where social fits into your agency new business program today.” 9/25/13 In the 4th webinar of our RSW/US Summer series, RSW/US Director […]

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sep 18

Reason 523 For An Agency New Business Strategy=An RFP Takes 1 Person 22+ Hours

When I talk with agencies about RSW/US new business development/lead gen services, RFPs do enter the conversation, but I always throw out this caveat: our agency new business strategy does not include  chasing RFPs for our agency clients. Does that mean we ignore them? No, because we know there are some clients and some sectors where RFPs […]

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