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aug 01

Agency New Business Email: Awful Real-Life Techniques You Must Avoid

We got some insightful responses from my previous post on agency new business email techniques to avoid (Agency New Business: A Mediocre Prospecting Email Dismantled) so I had to take advantage of the below example as well. I actually really like getting these emails, fun stuff. It surprises me that a company would use tactics […]

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jul 25

Agency New Business: Are You Connecting?

Post by RSW/US New Business Director Kris Klopp While on a family vacation in Michigan, I noticed among the many disturbing habits my cousin, Julie, and I share, is that the first thing we did each morning was to check our smart phones. I had to know what happened during those eight hours I was […]

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jul 18

RSW/US Video: 10 Reasons Why Social Media Isn’t Working For Agencies

  Following on the heels of our first webinar, based on our most recent survey results from “Changes in Social & Digital Media (2009-2012),” RSW/US Owner and President Mark Sneider focuses on a specific finding in this follow up video. That finding: only 30% of agencies say social media is effective for their new business process. […]

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jul 12

RSW/US Social Media Webinar Now Available!

Thanks to all who attended this week’s webinar on the changes in social/digital media since 2009.  Great turnout…with agencies from all over the country.  Appreciate the kind feedback and follow-up questions that were sent to me after the presentation. This short, 30-minute webinar is now available on our site @Webinars. The webinar is broken down […]

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jul 11

Is Your Agency New Business Content Way Off-Key?

Post by RSW/US Director of Communications and Analytics Carolyn Parker As Director of Communications and Analytics here at RSW/US, I am opted in to literally hundreds of e-newsletters, RSS feeds, groups, and social media channels. I follow them daily to see what’s trending across virtually all industries, as well as tracking thought leaders in the business and […]

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jul 09

RSW/US 2012 Webinar Series-View All Four Webinars Now

  We’re excited to announce our third annual Webinar Summer Series, “View from the Marketer’s Eye.” Below is a schedule and registration link for all four no-cost webinars. We encourage you to Tweet during each webinar with hashtag #RSWUS. Thanks!   #1 -Thursday, 7/09/12, 12PM EST: “A Perspective On Changes in Social & Digital Media […]

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jul 05

Agency New Business: Don’t Be A Swim Noodle

Let’s talk about vacations for a minute. (I’m guessing from many of you reading this, there are some blank stares at their mention.) If you go the beach, one thing you’ll always see-swim toys of every variety. The stores and roadside stands are everywhere, offering up swim noodles, boogie boards and other fine swim products. […]

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jun 28

Evergreen Content And Why You Need It For Agency New Business

Post by RSW/US-Digital/Marketing Team Member Marisa Becker I read a lot of blogs in my role at RSW/US as I go about finding compelling content to use in our electronic outreach efforts. And I’ve also seen a dearth of advice for bloggers– how to optimize your blog for search engines, how often you should be blogging, […]

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jun 21

Witness The Insanity: Agencies, Social & New Business

Post by RSW/US Director Of Business Development Lee McKnight Jr Continuing with thoughts on our latest RSW/US survey, Changes in Social Digital Media (2009-2012)(download here), one stat I find particularly strange. From the survey: Agencies are increasing their use of social media as a tool for agency new business prospecting with 87% of Agencies stating […]

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jun 13

In Agency New Business, Who Wins?

Of course the Agency wins…right?  They just landed a big ‘ole piece of business! Or is it the Marketer that wins because they’ve just hired a smart Agency that is going to propel them forward!? I think the answer is, frankly, an all or nothing affair. Either both win, or neither wins…and the burden of […]

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