When Agency New Business Goes Bad (only sort of)

Business mixed emotions

I’ve been running the RSW/US business for the past 9 years and while we’ve certainly met with our share of successes, we had a couple of firsts this year that we look at with mixed emotions. We’ve had a lot of clients win a lot of business, but never before have we had a client…
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The Bane of Agency New Business-CMO Musical Chairs


“The whole CMO musical chairs thing is  finally starting to fade.” A quote from an agency principal I spoke with recently. It came from a discussion point around finding the right person, the decision maker, when prospecting. In our conversation, he discussed the pain they’d experienced in prospecting the wrong contacts, and specifically CMO’s more…
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Agency New Business Is A Never-Ending Treadmill, So Inspire Your Team


Agency new business is tough. This statement is a surprise to no one. But agency principals often forget this when dealing with everything else that goes on while running the show. Whether you have a team or a single new business director, take the time to inspire them. A piece appeared on Inc. titled Fire…
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Your Agency Is Not The Hot, New Shop-And That’s Okay


I was in a recent kickoff with a new client in NYC and at one point during the meeting, the agency principal remarked that he used to be more concerned about the fact that his shop was no longer a hot, new shop. He said he came to peace with that fact when one of…
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New Business Fundamentals-Selling Is Conversations and Commitments


When you boil selling down to its fundamental elements it is two things: conversations and commitments. This is as true for a complex sale as it is when you sell your teenager children on cleaning their rooms (or they sell you on why they haven’t). Prospecting is the act of starting a conversation. It’s a…
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That Agency New Business Meeting Went Nowhere, Or Did It?


When agencies are considering our services, one of the first questions I ask is how they’ve handled new business in the past and are currently handling it. I ask the same question at the conferences we attend. One response I often receive when an agency is considering a change, in regards to past performance: “we…
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Long Agency Review Lists = Lame Agency Search


Long agency review lists might sound like a great thing to many marketers…but in reality, they have just the opposite effect:  they harm review processes. My desire when shopping is to want to look at as many options as possible before making a decision. I know that in the end, there is a diminishing return…
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“Always On” Agency Client Relationships


The annual Mirren Agency is always a great event.  Hundreds of agencies, lots of great insights, and a great way to stay current on what’s happening in the marketing agency world. Each year, they invite other search consultants in to speak about the world of agencies and what it takes to win in an agency-client…
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