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jan 27

The Ad Agency New Business Mercy Meeting = Do Not Want

“Every opportunity is a meeting.” It is not true (at least not in regards to a quality meeting) but some ad agency new business salespeople treat every “yes” as a winner.  For many reasons, that’s a mistake. Why? 1)You’re overpromising-to yourself and/or to your employer-it will bite you 2)You’re not qualifying properly, if that’s your […]

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jan 27

Ad Agency Social Media: The Upside For Your Clients & the Downside For Your New Business Program

eMarketer released a webinar last week (Slideshare presentation below) that I think will be well worth your time in terms of your clients (and potential clients) vis-à-vis social media. Per the latest post from Daniel Caridi: You will take away: -The numbers to know—how businesses are budgeting for social media and what they are spending -How […]

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jan 20

Clients & The Traditional Agency Wakeup Call

Interesting post from Ben Wiener in Imedia connection this week called Digital expertise: Is your agency faking it? Ben talks about the last several years being harder for agencies to turn away business and that there’s been a lot more of the “Yeah, we do that” responses to clients. But as an agency, sometimes that’s […]

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jan 13

Is Facebook helping Your Agency Get New Business?

I ask the question sincerely. Of the social media platforms we use most often, here’s how they rank in terms of leads and business won: 1) The ANB Blog 2) Twitter 3) LinkedIn 4) Facebook Facebook just doesn’t rank up there in terms of new business for RSW/US, but that certainly doesn’t mean it couldn’t. […]

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jan 11

Ad Agency New Business on the 4A’s Blog: Aggressive is Good…Consistent is Better

    Our thanks to the 4A’s Business Development blog for featuring Mark Sneider’s ad agency new business post, Aggressive is Good…Consistent is Better. Let us know what you think.

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dec 22

5 Agency New Business Tips for 2011

  Happy Holidays from everyone at RSW/US.  I hope the following brief video is helpful in framing your agency new business program as we enter the New Year.  While you’re (hopefully) recharging over the Holidays, keep the 5 tips from the above video in mind so you can enter 2011 with a solid new business platform. Looking forward […]

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dec 16

Here’s What Salespeople Do All the Time. . . So Don’t Do It

We occasionally focus posts on sales basics and this is one of those times.  Always good, especially with the New Year nipping at our heels, to re-focus on the basics on occasion.  Which brings me to a recent article from Kelley Robertson at, How to Lose a Prospect’s Attention in 5 Seconds. Bottom line: […]

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dec 09

Let’s Talk About Ad Agency New Business Stats Baby

A few quick stats related to agency new business from around the web, and internally here at RSW/US,  you might find interesting. First, a big-picture stat that, quite frankly, is not really apropos of the post’s theme but interesting nonetheless: What percent of American internet users use Twitter?  Answer: 8%. (Per  Pew Research Center’s Internet & […]

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dec 02

Why You Shouldn’t Worry If You Aren’t Getting Multiple Comments On Your Blog Posts.

What does the comments section do for you?  Traditional thought is the more the better, speaking very generally. It’s an indication of blog popularity, can be helpful in regards to site backlinks, etc. But a few recent examples I’ve come across cast a different light on the traditional thought process. Bottom line: just because you’re […]

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dec 01

“Stream Marketing”: How it Can Help Your New Business Effort

An article this week in Advertising Age ( When It Comes to Facebook, Relevance May Be Redefined) points to the ever-growing importance of “stream marketing.” If social media is a part of your agency new business program, you should continue reading. (Plus there’s one quote that may piss you off a bit as well.) A […]

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