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may 19

Does Anybody Care About Your Ad Agency?

    Alright, that’s not entirely true, but it is one of the four takeaways Sean Carton came away with from our ad agency new business survey (2011 Survey-Client’s Look Ahead at Agencies) in his ClickZ article, Clients: The Mysterious Creature. Sean  does a nice job filtering out key findings from our survey in his article, Clients: […]

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may 12

What Marketers Really Want To Tell Advertising Agencies

As part of our quarterly surveys, we ask Marketers several agency-based questions on initial pitches, introductory meetings and meeting follow-up, and then post those comments unedited at the end of each survey. These comments sometimes get lost amidst the initial survey findings, but as an agency, you can find some insightful comments there. To give you […]

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may 11

Agency Search for Mid-to-Small Agencies

Let me start by saying that if you’re a mid-to-small size agency and you want to be considered for searches that come the way of our sister group, RSW/AgencySearch, they are all about helping Marketers find better mid-to-smaller size firms.  Simply register on RSW/US’ site (at no cost to you) and RSW/AgencySearch will reach out if something fits the […]

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may 05

Ad Agency New Business Purgatory: So Why Didn’t You Get That Meeting?

Of all the different facets of agency new business, it’s interesting that one particular is often ignored: the reasons why, after an initially good, or great conversation, you didn’t get that initial face-to-face meeting. Ask yourself what the percentage of your new business activity falls into this category-how many conversations are out there that you […]

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apr 28

Agency Diversification: Easy To Say, Tough In Practice

Some great buzz from our latest survey and always interesting are the social media reactions.  The most tweeted was some variation of RSW/US Survey Finds That Digital-Only Shops Must Diversify to Stay Relevant and a small (and often humorous) minority re-tweeted with something like no duh, old news or my favorite, no s**t batman! I […]

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apr 27

Diversify or Die – Part II: A Memo To Full Service Ad Agencies

For those of you that run full service agencies, I recommend reading this Adweek article by Andy McMains: “Marketers to Digital Shops: Diversify or Die.” After reading, you may feel pretty good about the fact that you’re not a digital firm.   But not so fast grasshopper…. In the article, McMains cites results from our latest 2011 Client’s Look […]

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apr 21

Survival of the Fittest, Agency New Business Style-Will Digital-Only Shops Survive?

If you’re thinking about starting a digital-only Agency, you might want to think again as the growth potential might be somewhat limited long-term. So say Marketers in our latest 2011 “A Marketer’s Look Ahead at Agencies” survey. 67% of Marketers surveyed state that in order for digital shops to survive they will need to offer […]

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apr 21

Ad Agency New Business: Forget The Philosophy & Focus On The Business

Creativity’s not dead (thankfully) but agencies have to change their mentality to also focus on the business of advertising.  If there’s one reminder I took away from the Mirren Conference last week, it’s this, a la David Ogilvy: never forget when it’s all said and done, advertising is about selling, period. One overriding theme last […]

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apr 14

Ad Agency New Business and the ROI-Driven Finance Jockeys

My post title comes from one of my favorite  2011 Mirren New Business Conference quotes, the 2011 ad agency new business conference reflected a lot of the optimism that’s been missing the past few years but also reflected in equal amounts the frustration inherent in the way the agency world has changed. A few quick highlights: […]

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apr 05

Ad Agency New Business: Just Forget Your Social Media ROI

Okay, don’t literally forget it, but center your expectations around awareness and you’re going to be much happier.  The ROI will come. Take a look at an article this week from eMarketer about brands not concerning themselves so much with the specific ROI of social media but instead placing the value on insights and loyalty. […]

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