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mar 20

Your Prospects Are Clueless And That’s A Good Thing

Several articles caught my eye recently and both will be helpful to your new business strategy. First is CMOs: Social Media Key, But We Are Clueless. The title alone shows where opportunity lies for the right agency and there are some prime stats on big data and the inability of CMO’s to analyze it with […]

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mar 19

RSW/US Client List Building-How Does It Work?

When we’re at shows or  in conversations with interested agency prospects, we’re often asked about the day-to-day of our List Building/Operations teams. To that end, Dave Beyer, list builder on the operations side of things at RSW/US, sat down with Cory Esselman, our newly minted Group Manager, for a brief interview about his job. D: So Cory, […]

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mar 13

RSW/US 3/6/14 Webinar-Agency of the Future and Implications for Marketing Agencies

This RSW/US webinar is based on data from our latest survey report and the question we asked Marketers: “What does the agency of the future look like?” RSW/US Owner & President Mark Sneider covers Marketer responses to the “Agency of the Future” question within an ad agency new business context, including direct quotes from Marketers, […]

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mar 12

Show Prospects How Much You Value Your Current Agency Clients

Guest post by Peter Gerritsen, President, Taan Worldwide, one of the world’s oldest and most successful networks of carefully selected independent advertising & communications agencies. I was taught early on in the business to do my best to keep clients separate. Treat each like they are the only one. Over the years, I’ve come believe the […]

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mar 06

RSW/US Video-Sick Of Hearing About Inbound Yet?

“Inbound,” “thought leadership,” “content” – buzzwords that continue to carry over from last year in regards to agency new business. The process undoubtedly presents large challenges for many agencies, predominantly due to time constraints, uncertainty in how to create content and difficulty in creating a consistent process. In our latest survey report (2014 RSW/US Ad […]

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mar 05

Agency New Business Tip-Anchor the Case Studies on Your Site

Putting case studies on your agency’s web site is a sound strategy for agency new business—and can give prospects an immediate sense of what you can deliver. However, agencies often place these on a dynamic slider that has a generic page designation, usually something like: Placing all of your work online in this way […]

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mar 04

Ad Agency New Business-Ditch the Pitch

We tell this to clients all the time—Ditch The Pitch. Here are 5 essential ad agency new business strategies on how to fill the gap when it’s time to go without the pre-prepared script: 1. Think Input before Output Listen and let prospect’s words and actions reveal what they care about. This can be the guide […]

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feb 28

New Business Big Fish? You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat

You have a stable of clients, some you love, some, let’s face it-are a pain in the ass. (Gotta’ love them.) Cumulatively they pay the bills, but you need bigger clients. You need those two or three that will do more than just pay the bills. Fast forward to 6 months later: you’ve been pursuing […]

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feb 25

Don’t Bring The Agency New Business Gang To That First Call

Had a question from an agency principal recently about first meetings with prospects. This principal typically went into first meetings via referral and had several questions about best practices for those meetings generated through outbound efforts. Obviously a much different animal and not the same comfort feel walking in versus the referral set up. Pitching […]

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feb 17

The Agency of the Future is Now!

In our latest 2014 New Year Outlook Survey, we asked marketers and agencies to paint a picture of what they thought the agency world would look like 5 years out. What we quickly learned is that in some respects, the future is now for agencies. In some respects, one could argue that agencies need to […]

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