New Business Development “Summer Slump” … Feeling lonely as a Mars Rover?

michael scott stumped

How has new business development prospecting been going this month? Are you on a brisk-as-a-crisp-fall-day kind of pace?   Or does it feel a little lonely out there? Are you bringing in new clients faster than rabbits seem to multiply in the spring?   Or does it seem like no one’s home? Honestly, is there REALLY a…
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Marketing Evolution…or Revolution? Burning Questions for New Business Development

pushme pullyou

Advertising and marketing industry changes bear fresh opportunities for new business development; they also bring fresh challenges! The pace of industry change exceeds “evolution”.  Considering only  the explosive growth in marketing technology – and budgets associated with it – “revolution” could be a more accurate description. A recent MarketingCharts post gives us a peek at what Marketers…
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Your New Business Proposal: Feel Like All Your Shots Are Blocked? (Part II)

soccer shot blocked

Two weeks ago we presented Part I of a two-part series about why a good new business proposal may be rejected. The post was based on the Harvard Business Review article, 5 Reasons Good Deals Get Rejected. In Part I, we addressed the first three possible reasons why even a terrific new business proposal maybe declined: You…
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Ad Agency New Business-Are You Getting A Little Too Comfortable?

Ad Agency New Business Are You Getting A Little Too Comfortable

Agencies tend to push an active new business strategy to the side until something wakes them up.  That “something” generally tends not to be good. Then there are those agencies who get it, and they find a way to keep new business active, and while that’s to be commended, even these agencies tend to overlook…
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Does Content Marketing Deserve (a) Promotion for New Business Development?

eye testing lenses

ANA recently posted this brief video featuring Robert Rose, chief strategist at the Content Marketing Institute, suggesting that organizations can drive more value out of content marketing by looking at it as a business strategy instead rather than a tactic. In this brief video, Rose stresses that content marketing should not be viewed as a…
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Your New Business Proposal: Feel Like All Your Shots Are Blocked? (Part I)

Terrence Cody blocks a field goal as time expires to secure Alabama's 12-10 victory over Tennessee last season. It was Cody's second blocked kick of the fourth quarter.
CW | John Michael Simpson

As if rejection isn’t bad enough, this is the first of a two-part series on the topic. This Harvard Business Review article, 5 Reasons Good Deals Get Rejected, refers to situations outside the realm of the agency new business proposal specifically, but the reasons DO apply. The article does a great job describing the “why”…
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2016 RSW/US Agency New Business Tools & Technology Webinar

2016 RSWUS Agency New Business Tools & Technology Webinar

2016 marks the fourth year that Mirren and RSW/US have collaborated on the New Business Tools Survey and Report and below is a companion to our report, a webinar based on our findings, coupled with some more recent stats that put several of the most prominent tools into different perspective. You’ll also hear: -The most…
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4 Social Stats You Need To Know To Improve New Business

4 Social Stats You Need To Know To Improve New Business

We released our latest report with Mirren on the tools your peers use to succeed in new business several weeks ago and by now, probably beaten it to death. But wait, there’s more! In all seriousness, here are 4 new/recent social stats that you need to know to improve new business: B2B is catching up…
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Getting Past Gatekeepers – Stark Statistics for New Sales People


  First, the technicality: it was a bridge keeper that Sir Lancelot faced in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Yet, this is a scene that has come to mind more than once over my career as I’ve worked on getting past gatekeepers. Granted I never met any who required me to provide the correct answer…
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Artificial Intelligence – Meet Agency New Business Development?

AI  Thinking

It’s convenient that Harvard Business Review released an article Why Salespeople Need to Develop “Machine Intelligence“ just within weeks of our release of the Mirren-RSW/US 2016 Tools and Technology Report. As we reflect on the results of the survey and the rapidly expanding availability of technology that supports agency new business development, the HBR article adds…
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