Agency New Business-You Need More Than Just A Hunter


The search for an effective new business director is one tough position to fill at marketing services firms. (No Sh*t Lee.) Yes, it’s hard because finding an individual who can sell agency services well is simply a difficult task. (It’s also hard to keep them: What’s the Most Dangerous Job at an Agency?) But what…
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How Agencies Are Selling & What Clients Are Looking For

Check out this awesome presentation (How Agencies Are Selling & What Clients Are Looking For) by Tom Hudson and Megan Coffey at Springbox in Austin, TX! It’s based on our latest report, the 2014 RSW/US Agency-Marketer New Business Report. A little bit about Springbox: Springbox takes the guesswork out of digital. Our proprietary DataLayer process extracts quantifiable…
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Marketers See the Holes…and Want Them Plugged!

agency holes

It’s one thing when agencies recognize their shortcomings and try to address them…but it’s a completely different story when marketers see the holes for the agencies.  It’s what seems to be happening today. We recently released our latest survey report: The 2014 Agency-Marketer Business Report.  The survey was completed by 110 senior level marketers and…
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CMOs Need Agencies More Than Ever-Prove It To Them


An article in Ad Age titled Why More CMOs Are Wanted as Board Directors started with this paragraph: Boards of directors at the country’s largest companies are in dire need of digital and mobile expertise, consumer insights and diversity — and they’re looking to top marketers to fill those gaps. So these Boards are looking for…
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A Marketing Agency Deficiency That Can’t Be Ignored


Some agencies have deficiencies in media planning and buying. Some have deficiencies in PR. Others have deficiencies in programmatic buying. All of these things that can be supplemented with outside resources/strategic partnerships that can allow an agency to overcome a marketing agency deficiency like one of these mentioned above when examined by a potential client.…
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SATISFACTION in Agency New Business!

Pudik Thanks image

We know our agency new business methodology works, and it’s so nice when our clients affirm this:   Everyone who has a role in generating new business for their agency knows the highs and lows of the process. The highs are Oh-SO-high, and lows are frustrating. As in baseball, “batting 1000” is rare — well,…
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Why Marketing Agencies Need to Outsource Agency New Business


It’s not your core competency. It’s what it boils down to. This, along with resources and methodology…which makes new business typically not one of the core competencies of an agency. I’m not talking pitching or presenting. I’m talking outreach and effectively managing inbound programs with appropriate follow-up and building well scrubbed, targeted lists. And I’m talking…
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