Agency Pricing & Financials-Finally-The Info You’re Looking For

Agency Pricing & Financials

If there’s one question we get asked by agencies often, it’s around agency pricing. It’s tough to answer, with so many different factors and situations influencing the process. It’s also tough to find that kind of information generally without paying for it or belonging to an association. So the timing was ideal when Jami Oetting…
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Make Hay While the Sun Shines –Bigger Budgets and Agency New Business

Barefoot businessman striking surfing pose on hay bale

In his timeless book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey identifies the first habit as “Be Proactive”.   Always true in agency new business, it’s particularly important to remember when times are comparatively good: to be ultra-proactive – to make hay while the sun shines. In this recently posted video, RSW/US Owner and President,…
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Moving Agencies Forward Through New Business Acquisition Podcast

Moving Agencies Forward Through New Business Acquisition

We were fortunate to have Drew McLellan, of the Agency Management Institute, interview our VP of Sales, Lee McKnight Jr. for his podcast series on “Build a better Agency.” You can hear and download Drew’s interview with Lee here: Episode 26: Moving Agencies Forward Through New Business Acquisition, with Lee McKnight Jr.. Some background on the podcast,…
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Tim Williams, Ignition Consulting Group: Beware the Confirmation Bias

Tim Williams for survey

  Is your firm practicing the Confirmation Bias? That’s the question Tim Williams, Founder and Managing Director of Ignition Consulting Group, asked himself when considering agency responses to survey questions he provided for the recent RSW/US Thought Leader Survey. Over two-thirds of agencies believe their positioning is unique relative to other firms.   However, when…
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Peter Caputa IV: Inbound For Agency New Business-Practice What You Preach

Peter Caputa

Peter Caputa IV, Vice President of Sales at HubSpot, offers a truth that may hurt: “Most agencies aren’t doing a good job at Inbound; they only have their toes in the water,” comments Peter, as he considers the use of Inbound for agency new business.   Ideally you’ve had the chance to see the 2016…
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“Just” Is Part Of Your New Business Vocabulary-Kill It With Fire

Just Is Part Of Your New Business Vocabulary-Kill It With Fire

You use it don’t you? You probably just used it. Take the word “just” out of your new business vocabulary now and your outreach will improve for it. It seems harmless and it’s ubiquitous, but it can undermine your efforts. I’ve found myself doing it and it wasn’t until a recent agency client brought up…
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Holding Company Problems (They Have To Restructure)-Use Them To your Advantage

Holding Company Problems (They Have To Restructure)-Use Them To your Advantage-2

Per Adweek, Publicis Groupe CEO and chairman Maurice Lévy spoke at the 4A’s Transformation conference and said, amongst other things: “I am convinced that existing ways of agencies and particularly holding companies have to come to an end,” Lévy said. “We must invent new strategies and new ways of doing business.” And Adweek further explained: in…
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