A Video: Blair Enns, Founder Win Without Pitching – Have a Polarizing Point of View

Blair Enns 16x9 (2)

Our Agency New Business Thought Leader panel just keeps giving! Hopefully, you’ve had the chance to see the 2016 RSW/US Thought Leader Report, and related material.* In addition to providing questions and advice for the survey, each of the six participating Thought Leaders generously shared time for a more in-depth interview around the area of…
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RSW/US Agency New Business Infographic: Navigate the Changing Dynamics in Agency/Marketer Relationships


We’re excited for our latest agency new business infographic (RSW/US Agency New Business Infographic: Navigate the Changing Dynamics in Agency/Marketer Relationships). We pulled the stats from our most recent RSW/US survey report (which, if you haven’t seen yet, you can download here:  2016 New Year Outlook Survey.)   Download it here: 2016 RSWUS Marketer-Agency New Year…
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Doing the Homework for Agency New Business?


Not just nagging here: doing the homework on your prospects is crucial. Marketer feedback from the 2016 RSW/US New Year Outlook Survey brings up a recurring theme: marketers feeling like their agencies do not understand sufficiently their business, their industry or the challenges they face. Certainly, marketers want their current agency partners to be vested,…
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Agency New Business-What’s The Purpose Of The First Meeting?

Agency New Business-What’s The Purpose Of The First Meeting 2

To Get the Second Meeting. So knowing that, don’t sabotage that first meeting.  A few real-world examples to avoid:  1) Trying to make the meeting more than it is (a first step) You’re not signing the contract at the first meeting. New business is a process and not every meeting is going to result in immediate…
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Tim Williams-The Ignition Group: Agency New Business Success is NOT about LOCATION!

Tim Williams for survey

If in Real Estate, it’s all about location, location, location, in Agency New Business, it’s all about Position, Position, Position. The importance of a strong, differentiated agency position is a clear theme of our 2016 Thought Leader Survey Report. Tim Williams, one of our Thought Leader Panelists is the Founder and Managing Director of The…
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Peter Caputa IV of HubSpot: Differentiate and Articulate – Emphatically

Peter Caputa

The importance of differentiated agency positioning comes through from yet another of the 2016 RSW/US Thought Leader Survey panelists, Peter Caputa IV. Peter is a Vice President of Sales at HubSpot, where he oversaw HubSpot’s global agency partner program from inception in 2009 to 40% of HubSpot’s new business and 2900 agency partners by the…
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Be an Animal with Analytics


Back in the day, analytics were something that agencies shied away from. Agencies didn’t like testing their creative work because they loved and lived and died by their creative. And marketers put very little pressure on their agency counterparts to prove out the value of what they were doing. This was even true at the…
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Agencies: Have you Checked Your Client Alignment Recently?

lego car

The quality of alignment between Agencies and their clients is a theme that resonates through the RSW/US 2016 New Year Outlook Survey. Based on “troubling trends” that respondents from both the agency and marketing side of the industry offered, the quality of their alignment seems to be suffering. Just one example of this appears in…
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Michael Gass of Fuel Lines: Fish Away from the Boat

michael gass 60 (2)

Our 2016 Thought Leader Survey presented questions from six industry Thought Leaders about current developments and trends in the industry. Although each panelist presented different questions for the survey, a common thread across many of them centered on the need for an agency to have a strongly differentiated positioning. In addition to the survey questions,…
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