Having account executives manage the selling process (or making them partly responsible for selling) is no easy task. I encountered many an agency that has tried to create some kind of incentive program for account executives to bring in new business and it rarely works. Not only is their primary job managing and caring for […]

Building new business is not an overnight sensation. Putting the right program together, finding the right person, and starting the reach out, is in and of itself, a time consuming exercise. The activity of finding opportunities is even more involved. If you bring a new business manager on board (and they’re worth their weight), conversion […]

I once had Doug Hall, from Eureka Ranch tell the owner of my old company that re-invention is the lifeblood of long-term strength and success. My old owner didn’t listen and he near went into bankruptcy as his business got tired, old, and less interesting to prospective prospects. Re-invention doesn’t have to be dramatic. It […]

Pull yourself out of the trenches. Even if you don’t own the capabilities for managing in the e-space, there are plenty around you that do…and plenty around you that can help you offer these services to prospects. And it’s not just about showcasing the fact that you have the resources…it’s about knowing how to use […]