Please don’t fault us for a bit of shameless self-promotion, but we’ve started a really spirited conversation over on the 4A’s Business Development blog with our owner, Mark’s Dangers of Agency New Business Social Media. Here’s a recent post from 4A’s Smart Brief: If your business development dance card is not full, you may want […]

Been talking this agency new business issue since the start of RSW/US in 2005. It’s the old cobbler’s children have no shoes syndrome. I remember presenting to a group of advertising owners in Kansas City in 2005 and asked the 20 of them to write down their “elevator pitch” on a piece of paper. 19 […]

I just came across two posts that I felt compelled (that’s right, compelled) to post on. You’ll see they are slightly dated, but hold up quite well. They come from David Meerman Scott’s Web Ink Now and the TechCrunch blog with a post by Robin Waters. They both contain terms/phrases that in an ideal world […]

One of our New Business Managers passed an article around this morning from the Miami Herald site entitled PR and Advertising are at a Crossroads. I doubt anyone that reads this blog or is a part of the agency world needs to be reminded of this “crossroads,” but the article has a few interesting points. […]