Comments on the Adweek piece focusing on our survey have been passionate and lengthy, and one deserves further attention. Jason Miletsky is the CEO of communications agency PFS Marketwyse. He left a comment as to whether or not agencies that don’t practice social media for themselves can still claim to be social media experts and […]

In our recent survey on agency new business, there has been a lot of attention given to the fact that agencies aren’t walking the talk when it comes to social media. The big story as you may have seen, is agencies are selling social media to their clients, but they aren’t doing a very good […]

We’re continuing to look at the results of our most recent new business survey we co-sponsored with Second Wind and wanted to take a look at some of the responses so far, specifically those referring to agency social media use. We’ll start with a mention from @robleavitt via Twitter: “@RSWUS – nice work on the […]

  Some of the best ideas for posts come from the agencies we talk to every day. A recent case in point: this week I was discussing a few facets of ad agency new business: agency specialization, prospect qualification and agencies being able to “walk the walk.” As the story goes, this agency had several […]

I assume you establish year long plans for your clients. You need to do the same for yourself. We are in the begining stages of planning for all of our agency client programs. Something we started three years ago. Prior to this, we wouldn’t think as strategically and wouldn’t operate with enough long-term focus to […]

I was very appreciative of an email I received this week from an agency we aren’t currently working with, asking our opinion on an urgent opportunity. They had the chance to advertise in a particular section of their regional business journal, a prime full-page spot that a competitor had held for a decade. Given the […]

In an insightful post by John K Thompson on the Chief Marketer blog called To Avoid Overload, Engage Your Audience, John begins by pointing out the all-too-many outlets of information available to us. Too many twisty knots of overloaded information confusion, and not the filters to hand me what I need when I need it. Too […]