Recently wrote a post on the glories and challenges of having disproportionately large clients. Great to have them because they can generate a lot of solid revenue, but oh so tough if/when they disappear. The story of two principals on two different paths. Spoke to one yesterday who is “so busy with his big client […]

Let’s get back to basics for a moment on the subject of agency new business. We consistently preach our philosophy and mantra when speaking with prospects: we maintain a relationship-building approach that doesn’t shove the agency down the prospect’s throat, but instead shows them, through respectful, yet consistent and useful contact, that the agency understands […]

Last week, I posted on a conversation I had with an agency principal and their successful pitch techniques. In a similar vein, an article was recently brought to my attention that I missed back in December and I think is worth sharing. The piece is called Making New Biz Pitches Nearly Painless and is by […]

Part of what I like best about my job is talking to agencies and agency principals. It’s a world I enjoy, in main part due to the outpouring of creativity and passion usually associated with it. And so I was speaking with an agency principal yesterday, and turns out they just signed the contract on […]

I wanted to post a few interesting charts from our strategic partner, Second Wind Online. Their last Newsletter of 2009 (see link at bottom) had a great piece called The Small + Smart Agency Model. The author, Second Wind’s Tony Mikes, quotes Jim Hughes, of The Brand Establishment, throughout the piece and discusses “the old […]

A big agency client is great (obviously). They can be the bread and butter of any agency organization.   Unfortunately,  I’ve seen way too many agencies get consumed by large clients to the point that they no longer have the time or the desire to look for new business. “Simply don’t have the time” some […]