I came across a very interesting article on Inc.com that was a real eye-opener in terms of agency new business and where your efforts might be currently focused. About the same time I read this article (Cheap (or Free) Ways to Grow Your Business), I also had a conversation with an agency principal who asked […]

78% of senior marketing executives stated in our most recent survey (to be released week of May 10th) that agencies don’t know enough about their company when first approached about a potential working relationship. 30% said agencies are too pushy (they could check all that apply). The bottom line of it is there’s really no excuse […]

Recently reviewed (post mortem) an RFP response by an agency.  He was looking for some perspective/thoughts as to why they might not have been chosen to move to the next round.  He was looking for some ideas that might help him the next time their agency was offered the opportunity to participate in an agency new […]

In the 5 years I’ve been in the business of helping agencies find new business, I’ve heard complaint after complaint about the RFP process – from both sides of the fence – agencies and marketers. There are some firms that charge agencies to register in their database and some firms that make agencies “join” their […]

At the end of the day, our happiness is all about our clients winning business.  We love putting new client win announcements on the “Wall of Fame” win board we have in our office. The thing that gets me and all our people most excited is when we see this thing called RSW/US (http://www.rswus.com/) I created 5 years […]

Average tenure of a new business director at an agency is 18 months. That’s a stat agency principals don’t really like to hear. It can be extremely frustrating trying to find that individual who has experience selling services and more specifically agency services. So with that in mind, we were passing around an article here […]

Continuing from my previous post about agency blogs and new business, I listed the first two reasons why you might want to consider starting or re-igniting an existing blog in that post. Moving on, reasons three through five: Third, in reality, what kind of commitment is a blog and how often should you blog? This […]