We’re proud to have Cathy Rigg Monetti, a partner and brand consultant at Riggs Partners, guest post on the fundamental shifts agencies find themselves in, and how, specifically, Riggs Partners successfully adopted a radical change in their own structure. If you’re a principal of a small to medium sized agency, this post is vital reading. […]

As a result of efforts to encourage more RSW/US employees to guest on our blog, we’re excited to have one of our List Development Managers, Jake Cripe, supply us with some thoughts on a topic that’s probably not discussed enough, ad agency new business lists. While our new business directors are at the forefront, the […]

In the last year, we’ve posted on the “demise” of the press release (R.I.P. Press Releases) and on the advantages PR firms have over agencies in taking the lead on social media (Do PR Firms have the leg up in terms of their ability to manage the measurement of social media), so I was excited […]

There are three agency new business tactics we most often see agencies either run screaming from or embrace with the fervor of the recording industry to a dwindling business model. Marketing Prof’s recent post, “Three Ways to Improve Your Lead-Generation Efforts” succinctly provides the reasoning behind what to avoid or pursue. Agencies Often Run Screaming […]