We occasionally focus posts on sales basics and this is one of those times.  Always good, especially with the New Year nipping at our heels, to re-focus on the basics on occasion.  Which brings me to a recent article from Kelley Robertson at RainToday.com, How to Lose a Prospect’s Attention in 5 Seconds. Bottom line: […]

A few quick stats related to agency new business from around the web, and internally here at RSW/US,  you might find interesting. First, a big-picture stat that, quite frankly, is not really apropos of the post’s theme but interesting nonetheless: What percent of American internet users use Twitter?  Answer: 8%. (Per  Pew Research Center’s Internet & […]

What does the comments section do for you?  Traditional thought is the more the better, speaking very generally. It’s an indication of blog popularity, can be helpful in regards to site backlinks, etc. But a few recent examples I’ve come across cast a different light on the traditional thought process. Bottom line: just because you’re […]