We recently spent some time internally at RSW/US doing some brainstorming on a few of our client accounts to find ways to beef up their performance.  Early on in the discussion with one of the accounts, we had the New Business Director articulate their client’s point of difference. While they certainly captured elements of it […]

  It’s been an interesting couple of weeks on the digital/traditional front. For example: two articles, both from agency principals, with their takes on traditional versus digital shops and the work they do, and to some extent, taking to task the digital agencies for viewing traditional firms as anachronisms. And as I read the above […]

After the Super Bowl and Kenneth Cole Twitter flub this past week, I had a few observations I thought were quite insightful, until I read a few other posts/Tweets expressing similar thoughts. (Oh well.) So rather than forgo my brilliant thoughts, I’ll incorporate a few of the aforementioned posts to make my point; which is: for all […]

(I could have used a lot of different pics for that headline obviously, but we’ve got to think of the kids, don’t we?) In all seriousness, the post title comes from a few recent conversations about outbound lead generation with agency principals and internal agency new business directors. Cutting right to the chase: as in […]