Get ready for a very unscientific post, but an important one for your new business program nevertheless. I’ve had the pleasure of speaking at length, both on the phone and in person this week, with 2 of our agency clients. As Business Development Director at RSW/US, I talk to agency principals just about every working day, […]


An excellent article from Blair Enn’s Win Without Pitching site called Meeting Madness contains several thoughtful insights on agency new business meetings, incentives and quality of meetings generally. As Blair points out midway through his article, some agency new business meetings just shouldn’t happen at all.  He goes on to say: The second lesson from my […]


It’s interesting how often we still see, in agency collateral or on agency sites, some variation of the phrase “we help you break through the clutter.”  Please stop saying that.  It’s like saying, “our point of differentiation is that we’re unique.” Ultimately, it actually ends up creating its own clutter when a prospect reads that. They’ll gloss […]


We celebrated an agency new business success yesterday as a fairly new client got their first win through our efforts. Particularly satisfying is the fact it happened after roughly 3 ½ months of prospecting. It doesn’t always happen that quickly, but always nice when it does. Think about the emails, mail or social media messages […]

Blogging 2

I occasionally like to get back to blogging basics and this post does just that.  Michael Gass, on his Fuel Lines blog, mentioned in his post 10 Tips for Writing for the Web for Ad Agency New Businesss a social media study by King Fish Media, HubSpot and Junta42, pointing out this stat: “Businesses (agencies) that […]

second date

I was talking to an agency principal today about our services and asked about the challenges they’d faced in the past bringing in new business. She gave me an example of a very capable salesperson they hired who did a great job of opening doors.  The problem was that was it-a door opened and then […]