Some great buzz from our latest survey and always interesting are the social media reactions.  The most tweeted was some variation of RSW/US Survey Finds That Digital-Only Shops Must Diversify to Stay Relevant and a small (and often humorous) minority re-tweeted with something like no duh, old news or my favorite, no s**t batman! I […]

For those of you that run full service agencies, I recommend reading this Adweek article by Andy McMains: “Marketers to Digital Shops: Diversify or Die.” After reading, you may feel pretty good about the fact that you’re not a digital firm.   But not so fast grasshopper…. In the article, McMains cites results from our latest 2011 Client’s Look […]

If you’re thinking about starting a digital-only Agency, you might want to think again as the growth potential might be somewhat limited long-term. So say Marketers in our latest 2011 “A Marketer’s Look Ahead at Agencies” survey. 67% of Marketers surveyed state that in order for digital shops to survive they will need to offer […]

Creativity’s not dead (thankfully) but agencies have to change their mentality to also focus on the business of advertising.  If there’s one reminder I took away from the Mirren Conference last week, it’s this, a la David Ogilvy: never forget when it’s all said and done, advertising is about selling, period. One overriding theme last […]

My post title comes from one of my favorite  2011 Mirren New Business Conference quotes, the 2011 ad agency new business conference reflected a lot of the optimism that’s been missing the past few years but also reflected in equal amounts the frustration inherent in the way the agency world has changed. A few quick highlights: […]