listen to your eyes'

The great Ray Davies, lead singer/songwriter of The Kinks said it well: Show a little bit of emotion, A little bit of real emotion I’ve discussed the questions at the end of our new business surveys in a previous post, but take a look at four of the answers to our question, If you had […]


    Alright, that’s not entirely true, but it is one of the four takeaways Sean Carton came away with from our ad agency new business survey (Client’s Look Ahead at Agencies) in his ClickZ article, Clients: The Mysterious Creature. Sean  does a nice job filtering out key findings from our survey in his article, Clients: The […]

As part of our quarterly surveys, we ask Marketers several agency-based questions on initial pitches, introductory meetings and meeting follow-up, and then post those comments unedited at the end of each survey. These comments sometimes get lost amidst the initial survey findings, but as an agency, you can find some insightful comments there. To give you […]

Of all the different facets of agency new business, it’s interesting that one particular is often ignored: the reasons why, after an initially good, or great conversation, you didn’t get that initial face-to-face meeting, and end up in new business purgatory. Ask yourself what the percentage of your new business activity falls into this category-how […]