I was doing a Q & A session earlier this week with a newly hired New Business Director at RSW. She asked me what pearls of wisdom I could share with her. There are two things that came to my mind that are beneficial to all sales people – regardless of industry – organize your […]

We were with a new client recently kicking off a program and I wanted to share a few of the new business challenges they’ve been facing. I’m guessing you’re experiencing one if not all of them currently.   Marketer Tenure Is Non-Existent This is not new, but at least for this client, it seems to be getting […]

No One Ever Said It Was Easy Do you know what makes me get up from my seat and do the Snoopy happy dance in my cube? Receiving e-mails from my clients that they have closed NEW BUSINESS from a prospect that I cultivated for them. I got one such email today from a client, […]

If you’re a small to mid-sized agency, the reality is the partners are handling new business or you have one, maybe 2 internal sales people. You may have come across this stat on our blog before, but the average tenure of an agency new business person is 18 months.  Not very long in the scheme […]