A quick post focusing on “the now.” Take a minute to think about your current clients. Don’t Forget Thinking about your new business plan ongoing is, of course, critically important, but three things in regards to current clients you shouldn’t forget: 1)      Do you have a plan to retain current clients? If not, you need […]

A tale of agency new business positioning from sunny California: We were there for a new client kickoff, had beautiful weather and an hour or so before the meeting and decided to take in the neighborhood. We essentially walked around the same block a few times and the second time around, I noticed a Mandarin restaurant that I could have sworn was on the other side of the block. Well, there were in fact two Mandarin restaurants in the same block. While not shocking, it was strange that they would do so little to differentiate themselves. Not knowing how old each restaurant was, perhaps the neighborhood just really loved their Mandarin cuisine? Agency New Business Positioning-All the Same Fast forward to a few hours later in our new […]

Many thanks to the 4A’s and the Orange Forum for inviting  Mark Sneider (RSW/US Owner & President) to speak last week (December 1) at 4A’s Orange Forum in Atlanta, Georgia. Mark  discussed the importance of making each agency prospect mentally “Check the Boxes” in response to the agency’s new business process…from the start of the prospecting process – when first […]