Bringing in advertising agency new business has never been more interesting. New technologies continually add layers of convenience and effectiveness while also adding layers of time many of you don’t have in learning and implementing those technologies. With these new technologies also comes an attitude from many agencies that traditional prospecting is dead, doesn’t work. Depending on their definition […]

Ad agencies are cautious because they don’t want to be pigeonholed as too broad (full service) or too specific (digital) and so instead use fluffy words that don’t convey what they functionally do. Take agency sites (or collateral) for example, here are some random blurbs taken from real agency sites: -Deep strategic insights -Focusing on the power […]

I read a great blog post on Fast Company several weeks ago, 7 Ways Daring Brands Walk the Line. Of course, any time I hear the words “walk the line,” my first thought is of the original man in black, the legendary Johnny Cash. Mr. Cash was an outlaw and also a pioneer whose career […]

Guest post by RSW/US New Business Director Rita Baker To those of us who have spent our lives trying to drive business by selling something …whether its fruit flies or atomic bombs we’ve all heard the adage at one time or another “it’s a jungle out there”. For many, that conjures up images of terrifying […]