As I’m talking to agencies every day, I get some perspective on the decision to use a company like RSW-US or hire an agency new business director internally. Both obviously have pros and cons, and focusing on the internal hire for the purposes of this post, a few reminders and/or questions you should consider (because […]

We did a Pennsylvania tour of duty this week with a few wonderful new clients and on the way home in the Pittsburgh airport, had a quick bite and beverage at The Burgh Sportz Bar. (Which despite the use of the Z where an S should be, is quite affordable for an airport and is […]

Elevator Pitch

Working to help agencies win new business on a daily basis, one of the toughest things, especially initially, to nail down is overall messaging and part of that being the elevator pitch. More specifically, concise messaging-that says what the agency does, how they’re different from their competition and how they might help a prospect. Inevitably, […]