In a recent conversation with an agency principal, she was discussing the difficulty in finding better new business techniques to break through to prospects, which undoubtedly, is a large part of the new business challenge. Part of our service at RSW/US is doing just that, but if you’re handling agency new business in-house,   A […]

The last two searches we’ve managed on the RSW/AgencySearch side of our business (one for Mercy Health in Michigan and the other for Legrand) – while different in a good number of respects, were very similar in terms of their new business outcome. These guys know their stuff! In both cases, the marketers stated that […]

I was reading a post from Steve W. Martin’s Heavy Hitter Sales Blog called Top Reasons Salespeople Lose Business and reading the below quote, agency differentiation loomed large in my mind: The vendor we chose has a group of smart, dedicated, customer-oriented people. To a great degree, I don’t think their products and services are different […]