Content Marketing

When talking content marketing, a new agency client can instantly win me over with just two little words: Editorial calendar. Obviously, there are practical reasons. As I plan out content production schedules for these agencies’ value-added email campaigns, it helps to know now what content will be ready for me in three months. So yes, I’ve been […]

When I was approached to write a post for the “ANB” Blog, I knew I would focus on the topic of agency new business list building and cleaning. That is, after all, what I do. I started thinking about what angle I would take and it suddenly occurred to me: beer. Don’t worry, my logic […]

Agency Specialization

We’re focusing today on agency specialization-a hot topic and an important one. Video Transcript: I’m Lee McKnight, Director of Business Development for RSW/US, we’re a new business We are a full service, outsourced business development group that works solely with Agencies win new business by finding qualified leads, setting meetings on our agency clients’ behalf, […]

In our 2013 Agency-Marketer Business Survey, we assessed agency selection criteria.  We wanted to find out how important different variables were in their decision making process when selecting a new agency. We asked agencies the same question – relative to what they thought marketers were using and what they thought they SHOULD be using. Interestingly, […]

One feature I particularly like about our surveys are the open-ended comments we include from marketers, and in our most recent report, we included 4 pages of comments from Marketers, all of which highlighted the ever fickle Marketer-Agency relationship. in the survey, Adweek provided us with the following question: What amount of an agency’s business must be focused […]


I have to admit, I was somewhat surprised when I read our latest National survey among marketers: 2013 RSW/US Agency-Marketer National survey. We always knew that agency specialization was important. We see it every day when we represent our clients.  The tighter we can be when we reach out on their behalf by either shouting […]