Tony  Mikes of Second Wind, a firm dedicated to helping give smaller agencies the power they need to compete in the 21st Century, kindly agreed to offer his perspective on one of the key agency new business discussion points coming out of our latest survey:  How do Marketers decide what agency to work with? It […]

Recently the RSW/US New Business Directors were treated to a seminar to help us refine our skills in using Twitter as a new business building tool. It reminded this NBD to share a (not all digital) Twitter success story. One of my clients was attending the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons meeting in Chicago. Great […]

Several reasons why agencies decide to partner with us for ad agency new business-one of those being dissatisfaction with previous internal new business directors. When I hear that reason, I always ask the agency principal to provide further detail-where did it go wrong? Often those reasons are legitimate-the meetings just weren’t good, qualified meetings. But […]

In a recent conversation with an agency principal on ad agency new business, he said they’d gotten to the point in the last several months where they’re saying no to business more often than yes-an obviously ideal position to be in. How close is your agency to being in that place? I hope you’re there […]

Tim Williams of The Ignition Group, a practice dedicated to helping agencies create and capture more value, kindly agreed to offer his perspective on one of the key discussion points coming out of our latest survey on agency new business:  Agency Specialization. It was a great exchange and Tim offered some fantastic insight that can be […]

In an internal RSW/US sales meeting a few weeks ago we were talking social media and agency new business, and one of our salespeople mentioned Twitter becoming the new voice mail. Interestingly, a recent NPR conversation (Social Media Advice: Are Voicemails Verboten Or Not?) with Baratunde Thurston, former digital director at The Onion, spoke to […]

We’re talking briefly about the results from our latest agency new business survey, and specifically on a series of questions from the team at Adweek, exploring What Ad Agency criteria matters most to marketers when reviewing agencies.   Transcript: Marketers: Ad Agency Ranking Criteria Lee McKnight, Director of Business Development for RSW/US, a full […]