Paul Roetzer

Paul Roetzer, Founder and CEO of PR 20/20, an inbound marketing agency kindly agreed to offer his perspective on one of the key agency new business discussion points coming out of our latest RSW/US survey:  How do Marketers decide what agency to work with? Paul starts our interview by stating that agencies of the future will […]

I had the good fortune of speaking with 15 Omnicom agencies last week in San Francisco.  Most in attendance were the heads of their respective agency’s new business efforts. I was asked by Mike Goefft of Doremus to offer some perspective on agency new business that could be of benefit to their initiatives. Agencies in attendance […]

Ad Agency New Business

I had a friend and new business director at an agency ask me to take a look at a recent email he sent to a prospect. Appreciated the ask and a good email all around, a few things here and there I thought might improve it, and it inspired this post. While his email was […]

Ad Agency New Business

We were a sponsor at the Mirren Business Development conference this week-a great ad agency new business conference this year, as in past years. I particularly enjoyed Barkley EVP Jeff Fromm’s (@JeffFromm) presentation, discussing how he realigned Barkley’s new business strategy after losing a major client a few years ago. I’m not doing his presentation justice, but he had several insights, one […]

Client Agency Relationships

Ad Age’s Agency Issue came out recently with an interesting piece about Agency Client Relationships called “The Best Agency-Client Marriages.” Retention is that sacred cow for agencies and I don’t have to tell any of you reading, a lot can get in the way of that relationship from both the agency and client side. The article […]

New Business Director

Ah, how nice to bask in sweet success!  This New Business Director just finished scheduling a meeting for a client at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas next week (5/7 through 5/9/13). Did I say Sweet Success?!? Yes, as I look at my records of the reach out to this particular prospect there are […]

Ad Agency New Business

A little Ad Agency New Business 101. When you’re in meetings with prospects, you must listen to the prompts prospects give you to offer new ideas. Make sure you’re giving the prospect food for thought and a reason to meet with them again. Too many agencies aren’t proactive enough – or quick enough with an […]