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In our first annual Mirren-RSW/US Definitive Guide to Agency New Business Tools, we surveyed over 300 agency executives, asking questions about their usage of, and perceived effectiveness of various new business platforms and the tools offered within those platforms. We presented 12 different platforms, from SEO Tools, to Presentation Software, to Research and List services. […]

Our owner Mark and I were in a new client kickoff meeting recently and at one point during the day, one of the principals said, in regards to prospecting and initial meetings, “Our story doesn’t change; we just need to find the right ears.” I loved it and told him immediately I was “borrowing it.” (Thanks Scott.) […]

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Why is agency new business like a NYC cab driver? Stop and Start. Stop and Start. It no longer bothers me, but I’ll never forget my first cab ride in NYC (and Chicago, you’re right there too, don’t want to leave you out)-lightning speed along the lines of the Millennium Falcon with the hyperdrive fixed, […]

A follow up to my webinar focusing on our recent survey report, The Definitive Guide to New Business Tools. We featured 12 platforms/tools in our report that agencies use to further their new business efforts. In my webinar, I discussed the 4 that agencies must use, keeping in mind time constraints, budget considerations and content […]

2013 Mirren-RSW/US Definitive Guide to New Business Tools

Download The 2013 Mirren-RSW/US Definitive Guide to New Business Tools Here While social media is an extremely popular tool for agency new business (used by 87% of agencies), only 18% think it’s effective. And can you guess what the most over-rated of all the social media tools used for new business is? If you guessed Facebook, […]