Following is the fifth in a series of monthly posts titled, “10 Agency New Business Questions,” in which we ask individuals who’ve found success heading new business at their respective agencies 10 questions regarding their new business strategy and experience. In this post, we asked Mark O’Toole from HB Agency in Newton, MA to answer our […]

Guest Post By By Rodger Roeser. Truly, there are days when I wished that I owned a roofing company or perhaps a blacktop business – heck, even catering. The simple fact is, if you are a business or government entity or any company for that matter going through an RFP to find or hire a […]

In our recently released survey report, 2014 RSW/US Ad Agency New Business New Year Outlook Report, 76% of Agency principals said their Agency blogs with a reasonable amount of frequency. While our experience working with agencies would dictate that number to be closer to 20%, I’ll put aside any doubts and first say this is […]

A new business director at an agency asked me this week if we had any posts on qualifying prospects. And while we touch on the subject often, short answer was, interestingly, no. It is a particularly important agency new business question, and one you should define within your own firm. You might be surprised to […]

In this week’s Adweek, Andy McMains features our latest survey that in part, warns of the challenges facing marketing Agencies as we look ahead over the next 5 years. The article, titled “Survey Predicts a Bleak Future for Agencies”, highlights Marketer and Agency responses to an open-ended question in the survey which asks: What will […]

In a recent Ad Age post, the CCO of DDB Worldwide, Amir Kassaei, laid out three ways to fix what he called the “flawed agency model.” The first fix he posits: ‘Recognize we’re not in the ad business.” Without getting off track as to how this relates to ad agency new business, one vital point […]