You have a stable of clients, some you love, some, let’s face it-are a pain in the ass. (Gotta’ love them.) Cumulatively they pay the bills, but you need bigger clients. You need those two or three that will do more than just pay the bills. Fast forward to 6 months later: you’ve been pursuing […]

Had a question from an agency principal recently about first meetings with prospects. This principal typically went into first meetings via referral and had several questions about best practices for those meetings generated through outbound efforts. Obviously a much different animal and not the same comfort feel walking in versus the referral set up. Pitching […]


Digital dead?  Don’t think so. Is digital-only dead? Not yet, but could be soon. Or it may never be. But one thing is clear…the need for digital-only firms certainly won’t be as pronounced as it was 5 years ago as we look out over the coming years. In our latest 2014 New Year Outlook Survey […]

The Specialist

In our recent Agency New Business 2014 Outlook survey, we asked marketers and agencies to share their thoughts on the importance of specialization. Before we dive into the results, let me share some of the things that we see and hear from agencies every day. Many agencies we talk with think that in order for […]


“Inbound,” “thought leadership,” “content”-buzzwords that continue to carry over from last year in regards to agency new business. The process undoubtedly presents large challenges for many agencies, predominantly due to time constraints, uncertainty in how to create content and difficulty in creating a consistent process. In our 2014 RSW/US Ad Agency New Business New Year […]