Our recent webinar, Frustration Breeds Opportunity – Tensions between Agencies and Marketers, describes dynamics that increase the challenges for new business development. Just a couple among them are: 1. Marketers tend to be consolidating agencies 2. A majority of agencies express intent to be increasingly aggressive in new business activity. 2015 is almost a […]

In this February 25, 2015 agency new business webinar, Mark Sneider, Owner/President of RSW/US, shares findings from our 2015 New Year Outlook Survey, which was sent to both Marketers and Agencies. This was the first time we asked Marketers and Agencies to describe the MOST TROUBLING TREND they see about each other. Frustration and tension […]

We were honored to be included in HubSpot’s Agency Post blog this week (The Guide to New Business Tools for Agencies) as a featured New Business option for agencies. Per the post: Making connections with the right people is the key to being successful at new business. But there’s only so much you can do […]

Agency consolidation is on the rise…and I’m not talking the acquisition type of consolidation. Marketers are consolidating the number of agencies they are using…and expect that trend to continue. In our recently released 2015 New Year Outlook Report, we asked the question: “How many marketing agencies (not including independent contractors/individuals) do you have supporting your […]

How does Washington touch the advertising industry? It’s something we asked in our 2015 New Year Outlook Survey. We wanted to see how Agencies and Marketers were viewing the Republican political shift in Congress resulting from the 2014 elections, and asked the question headlining this post of both groups: In general, expectations are low for […]

We asked Marketers an open-ended question in our recent 2015 New Year Outlook Report, “what is the most troubling trend you’re seeing among Agencies today?” They didn’t hold back, and right or wrong, the comments were eye-opening. One of the Marketer trends we’re seeing is a move back towards agency consolidation and from a new […]

  If it feels like the industry is becoming more competitive — it’s not just you. In the RSW/US 2015 New Year Outlook Survey, 79% of agencies responding indicated seeing the industry as more competitive than it was three-four years ago. And, this is a considerable increase from 2013, when 68% of responders observed increasing […]