Yes, this is very elementary.  But, it keeps happening. One of our recent posts addressed how critical it is to put yourself in the prospect’s place when writing emails for agency new business. For ANY written communication, it’s important that the messaging be clear and succinct. Even more fundamental – be CERTAIN to have the […]

One tenet we abide by at RSW/US= No prospect is ever “dead”. But I heard that put in a better way this week: No prospect left behind. So I’m sticking with that from now on. What does that mean to your agency new business effort? Two stats I’ve used in the past that I’ll revisit […]

These are rites of spring:  Baseball Opening Day.  The Kentucky Derby. Turkey Hunting Season. And, the Mirren – RSW/US Tools and Technology Report. Once again we surveyed advertising executives for the latest insights on tools and technology that their firms are using effectively for their agency new business programs. With the latest survey, it has […]

Experian Marketing Services released its latest annual Digital Marketer Report and there a few good new business takeaways there. First: . . .senior marketers were most likely to say that branding (49%) – telling their story and standing out against competitors – and customer acquisition (45%) are their biggest challenges. And second: . . .senior […]